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Ideas For 50th Anniversary Cakes

To spend half a century with the person you love is not an easy task. That is why the 50th anniversary holds special meaning, so special that it is referred to as the golden anniversary. This anniversary should be celebrated with a lot of grandeur and the couple may consider renewing their vows in front of their friends and family.

Most occasions require a cake. A wedding definitely requires one and an anniversary as big as the 50th necessitates one. There are many different kinds of cake one could have on this lovely day. The size of the cake should be decided keeping the number of guests in mind. Here are a few suggestions.

50th Anniversary Cake Ideas

Replicate Your Wedding Cake

Each wedding hires a professional photographer. As a result, every moment of this day is captured on camera. Some of these pictures are displayed while others are stored away. One could dig out pictures of their wedding cake and have it exactly replicated, at least in appearance. Along with a cake serve other delectable sweets at your party like boxes of Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley.

Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley gift box

This box of chocolate coated almonds and an assortment of flavored chocolates shall be a magnificent way to celebrate an anniversary this special. Delicious and ravishing, these chocolates will soon become a much talked about element in your party.

Have a Picture Of You And Your Better Half On the Cake

Edible images can be imprinted on the cake. You could consider this idea. The picture would give the cake a very special touch. The cake could be done in white and floral patterns could surround it. This idea is a very flexible one as the size of the cake may be adjusted. Impress your better half by gifting him or her a 25 Pc. Divine Chocolate Box. This box of fabulous chocolates shall make this sweet day sweeter.

25 Pc. Divine Chocolate Box  Gift Combo

A Traditional Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes look absolutely gorgeous. Covered with either fondant or butter cream, these cakes have many levels, each of which can be baked in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. Fondant is very easy to mould and gives the cake a very neat finish. The cake might have beaded patterns or floral patterns. Gold touches to the cake would keep the 50th anniversary theme intact. Modern tradition states that chocolates are the best way to celebrate any occasion. That is why, at your party serve boxes of Assorted Love Chunk. Truffle is a delicious form of chocolate and this box of mocha, rum, coconut and cocoa filled truffle chocolates definitely mesmerize.

Assorted Love Chunk, Festive Cookie Assortment

A Cake Focusing On The Number 50

A cake could be made with special emphasis on the number 50. The number could be done in gold. This number is a mile stone in any marriage and could thus be highlighted excessively. Dessert is said to be the most important part of the mean.

Divine Chocolate Box

You could thus accompany your cake with the Divine Chocolate Box. Matches are made in heaven and this box brings heaven down on earth. Flavors like white ganache and pistachio not only add an unique element but also mesmerize.

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