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How To Throw A Beach Birthday Party

When it comes to choosing a birthday venue, the beach is a great idea. This is because the beach already has a very aesthetic environment and the natural beauty of the beach does not need to be complemented with artificial decorations.

You could book a beach house or hire a certain part of the beach to throw your party. If the number of guests are small and you do not want to emphasize on exclusive entry, you could just drive down to the beach and have a fun time. There are many ways to make a beach party fun and interesting. Here are a few.

Beach Birthday Party Tips

Play Some Fun Games

The beach is a great place to play sports. You could host a beach volleyball tournament or a water polo tournament for your birthday. This would keep the guests both occupied and entertained. Games are an easy way to make a birthday crowd feel at home. You could also arrange for some ice breaking games, especially if the crowd is very large and mixed. To the winners gift a box of Rocks Chocolates. These chocolates would provide a wonderful feeling to the winners. You could also keep a few boxes as consolation prizes so that the losing team doesn’t feel left out.

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Arrange For A Lot Of Bite Sized Snacks

A party should have a lot of bite sized snacks unless of course, it is a dinner or a lunch party. A beach party is one which is essentially informal and thus a lot of easy snacks like French fries bite sized pizzas, dumplings, etc would be perfect. Apart from avoiding the risk of having hungry guests, a continuous supply of snacks would keep the guests occupied and engaged. The bite sized snacks should include boxes of Cookies. They would be very filling and also very interesting to serve at a beach party as the fruit fillings would complement the tropical setting of the beach.


Have A Lot Of Iced Drinks

The beach is fun and very enjoyable, but it is also hot and dehydrating. To avoid any discomfort due to heat, you could serve a lot of iced drinks. You could have a drink counter with a lot of variety. These would help keep the guests cool and at ease and make the overall environment of the party more enjoyable. Along with the drinks serve an assortment of Chocolate Boxes. The nut chocolates would be a great source of energy to the guests.

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Keep A Dress Code

Certain clothes can get very stuffy at a beach. To make things interesting, you could have a definite dress code. The dress code could be executed in a number of ways. You could have a color code with light colors like lemon yellow or white as a requirement.

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You could also have a certain item like a sun hat as the code where every guest is required to wear one. Every birthday party needs chocolates. That is why you should serve delicious assortments of chocolates. The chocolates would be a tasty snack for the guests to munch on.

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