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How To Celebrate Birthday

Birthday is perhaps one of the most wonderful occasions to celebrate. This is the day we can make the birthday person feel that how special he or she is. Celebrating birthdays of our dear ones is like bestowing love and care while spreading joy and happiness at the same time. Celebrations need to be done whole heartedly and with immense enthusiasm.

But these celebrations should be planned well otherwise it may result into chaos. Birthday parties can be celebrated in a number of ways. To make the birthday event a grand success, below are the steps stating how birthdays can be celebrated.

Tips to Celebrate Birthday Party

Send Birthday Invitations

The first work while planning a birthday party is to send invitations to visitors as the budget for the event depends on the number of people coming to the party. Sit in a relax mind and think how many people are required to be invited. One can invite close friends or other friends as well. One may be interested in inviting relatives only. Other members to be invited include neighbours, office fellows etc.

Send a lovely invitation card to them via emails or sending them letters personally by hand. Inviting on phone, either by calling or by messaging, is the quickest way of inviting where one can also get their responses on the spot. There are many free of cost ways one can send invitations. Social media networks like face book, twitter etc. can be used to invite them.

Arrange Party Area

Now that one knows the number of people coming to home, one can arrange the place where party is to be celebrated. If one is expecting huge crowd that needs to be accommodated in an open place, one can book a place in hotel or restaurant. Otherwise one can celebrate inside the home which has more fun associated with it. Now within the home also one needs to check for the place where cake cutting is to be done, where people would sit and have refreshments, where dance party is to be enjoyed etc.

Select main hall or large room for placing cake at the center. Refreshments and tea can be served in the hall where chairs can be placed or this can be done in another room separated from the cake room. If one wants to enjoy dance and music, one can either arrange it near the hall or in another room.

Decorate the Birthday Place

Birthday without decoration is like having tea without sugar. A well decorated place would double up the enthusiasm and charm related to celebration. Blow up some balloons and tie over the fans, at the walls, on the doors and windows etc. A large sized balloon can be filled up with some toffees and shining strips. It can be hanged on the roof which look beautiful when burst. There are lots of low priced decorative and lightening items available in the market that can be purchased.

These items shine at night and charge up the moods. The items can be used over the stairs, chairs, shelves etc. A wonderful concept of decoration would be to arrange a theme for the party and decorate accordingly. If it’s a kids’ birthday, one can decorate the walls with cartoon stuff. If one is celebrating a girl’s birthday, make the birthday place pinkish and decorate with Barbie theme. For a teenage young girl who loves watching movies, movie theme can be used.

Arrange Cake and Refreshments

Order a tasty cake; a chocolate cake is loved by all. Be sure about its ingredients if it is made of eggs as there may be vegetarian guests. For them, a small veg pastry can be arranged. Cakes made of dry fruits like Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake, Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake and Chefs Special Dry Fruit Pum Cake are very suitable for birthday occasions. These are tasty and at the same time are good for health.  A tea or coffee is a must in a party. Serve the guests these delicious cakes along with tea.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Recite prayers before cutting the cake which is good and holy part of the event. Light up a bundle of candles that look beautiful. Make a sound noise and clap for when cake is cut and the candles are blown out. Snacks, fried potatoes, biscuits, sweets, sandwiches, samosas etc. can be arranged. Toffees, chocolates or candies can be distributed among the small kids. Serve all the refreshments in one plate and distribute gently to each one of them. Have some juice or cold drink ready for the guests when they arrive. Be sure no one is left to be served.

Birthday Gifts

Present gifts to the birthday person by wishing him or her all the best for life. Choose the gift at least one day before planning the party and keep it secret. Gifts should be chosen keeping into account the interest or need of the person. Presents are even more appreciated by the birthday persons when they are in need of those.

For example, one can present a handbag to wife on her birthday that she was thinking to buy. Chocolates are delicious gifts that can be presented on events like birthdays. A collection of fancy chocolates like Fancy Gifts Packs are wonderful gifts to present.

Fancy Gifts Packs

For a spiritual person, one can gift Fengshui laughing Buddha that would be a perfect present. Gifting a Birthday Teddy would be the cutest gift. One can also please others with Birthday Cards.

Birthday Teddy

When looking to present a combination, Cake Choco Birthday Combination would be perfect. It would be a complete gift package that one cannot resist to receive and say thanks in return with a smile.

Play Music and Dance

When all the friends and relatives are together at one place for celebration, dancing on the beat is common. Play a good music and enjoy dancing. Involve everybody to dance and to have full participation that would enhance the joyful moods.

Say a Good Bye Thanks

After the party is over, thank everyone for coming to the party. Give them a hug or a handshake and a sweet smile. Give some goodies to the children and say good bye in a happy mood.

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