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Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding gifts are a big deal, both for the receiver and the sender. Weddings generally have a gift list which provides a few gift suggestions that the couple wants. When this is not provided, choosing a gift can be a very difficult task. Store bought gifts are not personal and can seem distant and not affectionate enough.

Homemade gifts are however very personal and convey a lot of love and care for the couple to be wed. The differentiating factor in a homemade gift is the time spent compiling the gift. This time spent is worth a lot more than money. A homemade gift could be made with a variety of items. There is also a huge scope for innovation. Some suggestions have been provided below.

Homemade Wedding Gifts

Carved Soaps

Carved soaps are fun to create and wonderful to gift. As opposed to wood carving, soap carving is safe and simple and needs limited materials. Soaps come in a wide variety and any color could be chosen. There is a huge scope for imagination and creativity. A number of carved soaps, wrapped nicely would make for a very artistic wedding present. Gift it together with a Occasional flavor chocolate box from the collection of.

Occasional flavor chocolate box

These box has different types of chocolates- strawberry chocolates, butterscotch chocolates, almond chocolates and caramel chocolates all of which can mesmerize the receiver.

Painted Utensil Holder

Gifts become more personal when they are home made. The pain and effort reflects on the gift thus increasing its value. One can buy a utensil holder and paint it with color and glitter to make it brighter and livelier. It can be decorated with sequins or a message for the couple. Items of utility like a utensil holder or a pen holder would make the gift a sensible one. Add on a box of dark chocolates for a sinful ride from the.

Lovable Chocolate Collection

Chocolates should melt in the mouth, a characteristic that this box of chocolates posses. It also includes chocolate coated raisins for those who prefer something they can munch on.

String Art

String art is made with colored strings that are arranged in geometric patterns. This art could be done on any background like paper, card board, thermocol and so on. Using different colors would make it a very good decorative item. This gift can be made easily at home with minimalistic materials. All it needs is time and love. Beauty and innovation can also be found in food like the box of white chocolates from. Chocolates flavored with mocha, orange and passion fruit shall definitely be a scrumptious treat.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Homemade Bath Salts

Bath salts can be made easily at home. It requires Epsom salt and baking soda which is combined with scented oils. The fragrances could be individual fragrances like rose, lemon grass, lavender or a mixture. Bath salts are relaxing and soothing.

The Magical chocolate collection

With marriage, a couple enters into a new stage in their lives which comes with its own set of tensions. A bath salt would thus be a very thoughtful gift to present. Extend the personal touch by gifting a delicious box of Scintillating assortment of Rock Chocolates. The different flavored chocolate boxes is a true delight.

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