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Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, this day honors motherhood. This day is a day when you can remind your mother that she is not unnoticed by you and that you do care and love her tremendously. The best way to express affection is through gifts but not all gifts bring equal joy.

When contemplating over what to gift our mothers we should remember that moms generally love it when their children take out the time to do something special. And what represents that better than a homemade gift? Homemade gifts reflect time and hard work and thus make amazing mother’s day presents. Listed below are a few suggestions.

Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

Handmade Bouquet

Instead of buying a bouquet from the market, you could gift your mother a handmade flower bouquet. If you are a very creative person you could make origami flowers or you could simply use flower cutouts, glue them to a stick and insert the stick into a thermocol cube instead of a sponge. This would be a very unique, innovative and special gift that shall be really appreciated by your mom. Increase the appeal of your gift with a box of One-and-Only Exclusive Chocolate Collection. This box of twenty five delectable chocolates shall be definitely appreciated.

One-and-Only Exclusive Chocolate Collection

A Photo Album

This too is a very innovative gift. To make your own photo album you would require a notebook with colored pages, some glue and colored pens. The first thing you would have to do is go through all the photo albums and pick out pictures which have a certain importance to you and your mom, like a very enjoyable trip. Then you would need to stick the pictures and write a short note about how much that day meant to you. This gift would make a great memento. Add on a Marshmellow and Blueberry Bar Gift Box. This box has been designed to fascinate and please and that is exactly what it shall do when you gift it to your mum.


A Coupon Book

Your mother does many tasks everyday and often complains that you don’t help out enough. You could thus give her a book of detachable coupons which she could redeem when she is feeling overburdened. This book of coupons would fundamentally be a set of tasks which you could help her out with, like laying the table or cleaning your room. This is a gift that would demonstrate to your mother that you do care and respect the things she does for her family. Team it up with a Heart Special Chocolate Collection. Flavors like cinnamon, hazelnut and vanilla shall captivate her taste buds and mesmerize her.


A Card

This is the easiest homemade gift you could gift your mother on mother’s day. Feelings are better expressed on paper and that is why a card shall do the trick. You could ask all your family members to write a short message on how your mother is an instrumental part of their lives. This shall truly make her feel cherished.

Ethnic Chocolate Gift pack

Combine it with a Ethnic Chocolate Gift Pack. This box of chocolates is combined with cashew, assorted nuts and almonds to give a truly enchanting experience to the receiver.

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