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Homemade Gifts Ideas For Him

Homemade Gifts Ideas For Him

A gift when given from the heart is priceless. But a gift made at home, brings along with it even more love. When you give your boyfriend, your dad or your husband a homemade gift, he shall be delighted beyond words. He shall know that you have taken the time and effort to make him something special.

This shall make him feel appreciated and cherished which is what a gift is supposed to make the receiver feel. No matter what the occasion is a homemade gift will always be accepted with the same amount of enthusiasm. Here are a few ideas.

Unique Homemade Gifts For Him


Cards convey your feelings to the receiver. When a card is fully prepared at home, it is definitely appreciated. It brings forth your feelings not only through the words you write on it but also thorough the very visible effort you’ve put into it. Team it up with a Spice Up Your Life Assortment.

Spice Up Your Life Assortment

This assortment of ten pieces of Mocha, Passion Fruit, Hazel praline and Orange flavored chocolates along with Almond chocolates and a Dry Fruit Cake will elevate him to cloud 9! It will be a perfect add on to the wonderful card.

Picture Collage

An easy but thoughtful homemade gift is a picture collage. You can prepare a picture collage with picture of just you two or a picture collage of him with his favorite people- his family and his best friends. You could dig up his childhood pictures with the help of his family members or you could use Facebook as your picture guide. Whichever it is, this would make a wonderful gift. Include a box of Dark n Light Jumble.

Dark n Light Jumble

The perfect combination of combination of Dry Fruit cake and Dark Chocochip Cookies will do nothing but delight!

Cook Your Way To His Heart

The best way to win a person’s heart is through food. That is why when you cook his favorite meal it definitely appeals to him. A homemade dish is always a lovely gift to give. Without dessert a meal is never complete. That is why gift him a box of Fiesta Chocolate Rocks.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks

These ten pieces of chocolates will deliciously complete the feast. Hazel nut rocks, Almond rocks and Fruit and Nut Rocks coated with silky chocolate will be a delightful treat!

Mixed Tape

This is a gift that everyone should consider giving. No materials need to be bought and all you need is your laptop which makes this the most economical gift ever. Burn a playlist of his favorite songs into a CD or ask him for his iPod and add on a new playlist. A mixed tape is almost a test of how well two people know each other in a relationship.

Sophisticated Chocolate Collection

Everyone listens to music and that is what makes this a great gift. Include a Sophisticated Chocolate Collection. This box of sixteen chocolates oozes sophistication and will greatly enhance your gift. A assortment of Almond chocolate, Cashew, Caramel / Raisin and Butter Scotch chocolates will leave him craving for more!

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