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Homemade Baby Shower Decorations

A baby comes into a family as a bundle of joy. It becomes the center of attention as soon as it is born. There are many rituals to be conducted once a baby is born like the christening or other religious ceremonies. A baby shower is a must in almost any culture and though it is called by different names it contains the same principle. Guests are invited to the parents’ house to view the baby.

They bring along gifts as tokens of love and care. A lot of planning goes into planning a baby shower. This is because, though the party is essentially for the baby, the core guests are adults. That is why a balance needs to be maintained between both worlds. When it comes to decorations, there are a lot of options. Most, however, are very expensive. Homemade decorations are both fun and inexpensive. Here are a few suggestions.

Baby Shower Decorations 

A Homemade Banner

A homemade congratulatory banner is a very easy decoration to put. The banner could have something simple written on it like, ‘It’s A Boy!’ or ‘It’s A Girl!’. Though this banner could be easily bought, creating it at home is more fun and definitely less expensive. All one needs is paper and colored pens. A large banner would take up a lot of space and a small banner would do the opposite. The size could thus be adjusted. Add color to the event by serving appetizing chocolate boxes. The chocolates shall be a great addition to the gift.

25 Pc. Divine Chocolate Box

Homemade Paper Decorations

Homemade paper decorations could include streamers and paper cutouts. Depending upon the theme, you could have a huge variety of decorations. For example, for a sorts theme, you could have paper cutouts of the various sporting apparatus like baseballs, footballs, basketballs, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, baseball mitts and so on. Paper flowers could also be used as decorations. Paper decorations are extremely easy to make and take very little time. Serve boxes of white chocolate. The chocolates could be an assortment of various flavors coated in a thick layer of white chocolate.

9 Pc. Classic Chocolate

A Stack Of Gifts

You could have an artificial stack of gift on one side. This decoration looks great is very easy to make. It can be made by wrapping cardboard boxes with colored paper and tying a ribbon on it to make it look like a gift. This decoration would add color to the ambiance. Amidst the stack of gift, keep a few boxes of nut chocolates. These delectable chocolates shall make the gift pile look completely realistic.

Amazing Chocolate Box

A Candy Table

Decorations are typically for show. They need to be thrown away after the party. Many thus consider it a waste. A candy table is a decoration that would double in as a delectable table of treats.

Almonds in Chocolate Surprise

You could have various lollipops, gummy bears, marshmallows, sugar candies, gum drops, caramel bars and so on. This table would be colorful and very appetizing. The perfect addition to the candy table would be a box of rock chocolates. The chocolates shall add both beauty and taste to the candy table.

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