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Golden Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Celebration

50 Wedding Anniversary

Time flies when you are with someone special. 50 years is a very long time, and it definitely calls for a celebration. Want to plan a party for your grandparents, parents or an uncle and aunt. Here are some beautiful ideas for the celebration of a grand event like the 50th wedding anniversary.

Organize a grand celebration and make the couple feel important and loved; with these exclusive and unique ideas. Choose the one that best describes the couple and they will enjoy; after all it’s their day. These ideas are reasonable and lovely, everyone will surely have a nice time.

Gold Jubilee Celebration Ideas

Propose Again

Being married for 50 years is a really long time. The partner needs to be reminded of their love. Ask your parent, grandfather or uncle, whose anniversary it is to re-propose their beloved. She will simply adore the moment and love being pampered. Gift them the 18 pc. Exclusive Chocolate Gift Box,  perfect for the occasion.

18 pc. Exclusive Chocolate Gift Box

The chocolates flavours include Dark Indian Spice, Nutty Marble, Cocoa Rich Truffle, Orange Truffle, Rum Raisin Caramel and Milky Mocha Bean. The chocolates are gorgeous to look from outside and fresh and velvety smooth inside. The chocolate sure to provide you with a mouth-watering experience!

Simple Yet Elegant

Organize a grand party for the couple. Invite all the close family member and friends. You can also organize a theme party if you like. The ideas of theme parties are really in, select a dress code, colour theme and food menu. Your party will surely be a hit. During the party gift the couple the Any Time Exclusive Chocolate box, which offers flavours like Raspberry Chocolate, Passion Chocolate, Lemon Chocolate, Orange Chocolate and Mint Chocolate.

Any Time Exclusive Chocolate box

The wooden box is made exclusively for these delightful chocolates. You can also get it gift wrapped with beautiful satin ribbon. The chocolates taste exotic, angelic and surely to provide you with an un-forgetful experience.


Year pass by lovingly if you are with your loved one. Get the loving couple re-married on their 50th wedding anniversary. Make them relive the moment that happened 50 years ago. It will be a lovely get together for the couple and their family. Make the couple happy with the Splendid Chocolate Collection box, offering milky French, passion chocolate and almond purist.


The ingredients used to make the chocolates are of high quality and the chocolates are extremely fresh. The chocolates provides a heavenly experience and one will surely squeal for more. The box is worth buying for any occasion.


I am sure it’s been a really long time since the couple when out for date. Organize a nice pool side dinner for the couple. Pre-arrange everything, food, drinks and flowers, and let the couple have a lovely time. At the end, join them for the cake cutting ceremony. The 12 Pc. Assorted Mendiants Box, will surely make the couple happy.

12 Pc. Assorted Mendiants Box

The box offers delicious looking chocolates, which are simply irresistible. The chocolates are decorated with varieties of nuts and look gorgeous. This box is a perfect gift for all the chocolate lovers.

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