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Gifts for New Babies

After wedding the best feeling one gets is when one enter parenthood. It is a wonderful gift God has given to the mankind. What better cause to rejoice than the birth of a new born? Along with the babies comes celebration and presents giving.

There are loads of options available to gift a new born; clothes, chocolates, rattles, cookies, cake toy and so on. In order to choose an apt gift follow the guide lines below and selects the best gifts for new baby.

Gifts for New Babies 

Flowers and Chocolate

Flowers are beautiful and an ideal gift for any occasion. Mere seeing flowers bring a smile to your face, just like when you see a baby. Flowers and chocolate together make a wonderful pair as a gift. Along with the bouquet of fresh flowers give the Chocolate Almond and Assorted Rock.

Chocolate Almonds and Assorted Rocks

The designer box is very beautiful and attractive. Chocolate and almonds together give you such an amazing taste that you just cannot stop eating. Chocolate combined with almonds improves the flavour, as well as enjoyment.


Rattles are babies’ favourite toys. Babies love playthings with bold colour and design. Rattles are soft, sound making and chewable toys. There are a lot of colourful rattles available from which you can select. Along with the rattle you can give Marshmellow and Blueberry Bar Box. The beautiful box is divided into 2 halves which offer milky-bar with Marshmellow and Blueberry.


Chocolates and fruits make a wonderful pair. If you like chocolates, you will simply love the Marshmellow and Blueberry Bar, sounds amazing, it is! The consistency of chocolate with fresh fruits is a dream comes true for chocolate lovers. The chocolate simply melts in your mouth and leaves behind a fruit flavour, which is irresistible.

Baby Cutlery Set

The cutlery set is an amazing gift for the new born. They come in various shape like circle, square, cartoon characters and many more. It is a very useful gift and one can use it for many years. You can attach the Divine Chocolate Box to make your gift even more special.


The attractive Divine Chocolate Box has special range of exclusive chocolates which gives you a mouth-watering experience. The box has 25 pieces of different shaped chocolates with delicious flavours like Pista Praline, Ginger Candy, Nutty Marble, Nutty Marble, White Ganache, Hazelnut Praline and Dark Cinnamon Fantasy. You also get a tweety bird stuff toy with it, the gift keeps getting better.

The Bouncy Seat

Gift the baby bouncer and make the parents as well as the new born happy. Parents can leave the baby in the bouncer and finish their daily work without any trouble. It not only keeps the baby safe but entertained also. There are many colours available, but if you like pink for girls and blue for boys go for it. Want to make the couple happier, combine the bouncer with Cherry Chocochip Nutty Mix.

Cherry Chocochip Nutty mix

The box is divided into 3 parts and come with a beautiful wrapping. The cookies are soft and yummy. There are 3 exclusive flavours; freshly baked German Fruit Cookies, Bishopnut Cookies and Dark Chocochip Cookies. Are you a coffee lover? You must try these cookies with your cup of daily coffee; they simply taste irresistible and leave you in a state of trance.

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