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Gift Option Of New Born Baby Items

A newborn baby brings a lot of happiness and excitement in the family the baby is born and some essentials for the baby are required soon after the birth of the baby.

It would be a wise decision to gift the baby things that are required and will be used for the upbringing of the baby. Check out the items that can be gifted to the baby at the time of the birth of the baby.

Option Of New Born Baby Items


Clothing is the first necessity soon after the birth of the baby. Some of the main clothes that are required include undershirts, one sies, nightgowns,bibs, socks,towels and baby hats to keep the baby warm. Choose pink colored clothing for baby girl and blue for the baby boy.Mittens are also recommended as some babies have long nails just after birth and they may scratch their face.So gift the baby a collection of all these clothing and accessories.

Blankets and Sleeping Bags

Newborn babies have to be covered with blankets also as only clothes are not sufficient for the babies. Blankets are available in different sizes for different purpose. So buy small and medium sized towels for the baby use. It is nice to have colorful and Disney characters baby towels. Giving towels alone is not a good idea and add the sweetness at the birth of the baby by giving a pista and nutty chocalte box with tweety. It is a collection of twelve chocolates of Pista Praline, Almond Purist, Dark Cinnamon Fantasy, and Nutty Marble which will be liked by everybody who will eat it.

Pista and Nutty Chocolate Box with Tweety

Make sure that the baby blankets are soft or of a fleece like material to give the baby warmth . Sleeping bags can also be gifted.

A feeder Set

Some of the items are required for the feeding of the baby whether the mother is going to bottle feed the baby or nurse herself. So if the mother of the baby is very close to your then you can gift her a nursing pillow. A feeder set for the baby will include a bottle, cleaning brush, nipples, cleaning gel and a thermos.A bottle steamer or travelling steamer can also be given to the baby which is of great use. A gift basket can be created by adding these things into a cute handbag with a collection of chocolates. Heavenly plum and nutty mix is a combo pack of Plum Cake and Bishop Nut Cookies.


This wil be a gift for all the members of the family as they can relish the chocltes while the baby will use your fedding set.

Basic Grooming and Heath Essentials

You can gift the baby grooming kit which will include baby comb,diaper rash cream,massage oil,baby powder,soap,shampoo, and lotion.Another good idea is to get them packed in a bath tub.To occupy the whole space of the tub,you can put a teddy bear or a chocolate box into it. Luxurious selection chocolate box with lovely teddy is a collection of thirty pieces of mouth watering assortment of Mocha praline, Passion fruit, Orange, Hazel and French biscuit praline chocolate which comes in a stylish wooden box and makes a perfect gift for the newly born mother and the baby.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate with Love Teddy

Car Seat

Car seat is another major need .the use of car seat makes the baby safe and the mother can also seat comfortable.So buy a nice car seat for the newly born and gift him/her.As you must not be ready to give the car seat empty to the mother of the newly born so what can be a better gift that chocolates and cakes which is liked by everyone. This is one of the finest combination of chocolate and cake.

Finest Combo Chocolate and Cake

The cake is of dry fruits with multiple layering of chocolates for every member of the family of the baby.

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