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Games To Play At A Baby Shower

Baby showers are a lot of fun, both for guests and hosts. You could make a baby shower more interesting by playing a few games. Games are always fun ways to spend time at a party.

They act as ice breakers and energize the crowd. The games should be chosen carefully and kept to a minimum of four. Here are a few baby shower games ideas.

Games At A Baby Shower

Guess The Baby

While sending out invites, ask each guest to bring pictures of themselves as babies. During the party pin all these pictures to a soft board or a white board and ask the others to guess which baby picture belongs to whom. This is a very fun and time consuming game that shall keep the guests sufficiently entertained throughout the party. The person who has guessed the most names could be declared the winner at the end of the game. Gift the winner a box delectable chocolates. These chocolates would be a mouthwatering treat for the winner.

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Pin the baby On The Mommy

Pin the donkey’s tail is a very popular children’s party game. You could have a baby shower version of it by playing pin the baby on the mommy. In this game you need to have a blown up poster of the pregnant mom. The guests then need to be blindfolded and asked to pin point the baby on the mother’s womb with a marker. To confuse them you could turn them around three times after blind folding them. To everyone who can pin the baby on the mommy correctly, give a box of magnificent dark chocolates. These chocolates have wonderful flavors coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate.

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Animal baby names

You could have a quick pop quiz for the guests. Keeping the baby shower theme in mind, you could ask the guests to name animal babies like a puppy for a dog. You could also give them a quiz card and then tally the answers to see who wins. You could give the person who has guessed the most number of names correctly a box of white chocolates. These chocolates shall be a great way to end the game.

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Don’t Say Baby

This is a very fun and interesting game to play at a baby shower. It also doubles as an ice breaker. Inform the guests of the game rule as they enter. The game is simple and has only one rule- that no guest is allowed to say the word baby. Though simple, this shall be a very difficult task to execute, especially at a baby shower.


You could give each guest a total of five diaper pins and any time they hear a person say the word baby, they have a right to claim the pin. The person with the most pins could be declared the winner at the end of the evening. The winner could be declared at the end of the party with a box of fruit chocolates. Fruit chocolates are both healthy and tasty and thus make for the perfect prizes at a baby shower.

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