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Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Everybody loves to throw parties on their birthdays. From a year-old kid to an eighty-year old human being will try to make the fullest out of his or her birthday. These days people are usually perplexed at the thought of what is to be done in their birthday party. Many birthday parties end-up causing boredom. But then, such petty problems should not stop you from enjoying your day.

Throwing parties on birthdays is the real McCoy and there is no need to be reluctant of it.Instead of giving your birthday parties somewhere out in discos and restaurants, you may keep it in your house where you can end up calling a number of friends and relatives and enjoy your day at even affordable costs! Little bit of planning will surely make your birthday party a real fun.

Birthday Party Ideas

Passing The Pillow

It is a game that shall be adored by people of all age groups. From friends to uncle and aunts to grand parents, every body shall love to be a part of this game. The participants have to sit in a circle. There shall only be one pillow and the pillow should be passed on to the person sitting beside. As soon as the music keeper stops the background music, the one with the pillow shall have to perform a task before moving out.To add flavour to the game, delicious chocolates can be distributed among the participants. Chocolates will help lighten the anxiety, and people shall enjoy the party even more. Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box will be perfect.

18 Pc. Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box

It contains a wide variety of nuts and spices. The box contains a set of Dark Indian Spice, Cocoa Rich Truffle, Rum Truffle, Mocha Truffle, Coconut Truffle and Five Spice Truffle. All of them shall equally satisfy your want for tasty chocolates.


In this game, different number cards have to be distributed among participants. A number is taken out from a bag. If the number is mentioned in the number card, the participant shall cut that number out. The participant whose (all) numbers in the number card gets cancelled first, is the winner.To make this moment nutty, provide Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bar Gift Box. It shall surely prove to be a delight to your taste buds. Its splendid taste shall make the game even more enjoyable

Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bar Gift Box

Musical Chair

In this game some music is played in the background. Certain number of chairs is lined up (each chair facing the opposite wall). The participants have to move around the line of chairs. When the music is played a chair has to be removed so that the number of chairs is one less than the number of participants. As soon as the music is stopped, the participants have to find a place to sit. The participant without the chair is considered out.Chocolates in such occasions shall prove to be a paragon of best gifts. Chocolates can be given to all participants, while the winner can be gifted with a mega prize. Divine Chocolate Box shall be perfect for the occasion.

Divine Chocolate Box

It will surely bring a smile on the faces of its consumers. This awesome assortment comprises of Nutty Marble, Milky Hazelnut Praline, Pista Praline, Ginger Candy and White Ganache and Dark Cinnamon Fantasy. The combination of such nuts and spices are worth relishing.

Hit it!

This type of game requires a lot of space. The participants are to be divided into two groups. Certain area needs to be marked which can accommodate all the participants who get enough space to run. One team will have a sponge ball that shall be used to hit the opponent team. Any player who gets hit with the ball shall be considered out. The opponent team will do the same. The team that stays in the arena for the longest time shall be considered as the winner team.

spice up your life assortment

Chocolates can be distributed to not just the winner team but also to the loser team. More than a competition it is an occasion to enhance excitement among people. Spice Up Your Life Assortment  is the chocolate that shall tempt anyone in the party. The gift box is an infusion of Almond Rock chocolates, Dry Fruit cakes and 10 pc chocolates with a variety of sweet tooth flavours such as Mocha, Passion Fruit, Hazel Praline and Orange Spice Up Your Life Assortment.

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