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Fun Birthday Games For Kids

Organising a kid’s party is no child’s play, no pun intended. As much as it is fun it can also be very challenging to handle kids and keep them entertained all throughout.

Apart from super-yummy cake treat, kids also eagerly wait to start party games; it is their chance to shine and win goodies.

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While arranging for party games you would need to think a lot in advance, keep in mind the number of participants and it should be interesting for others who are watching.

If you are choosing a game that requires following too many rules or kids of all ages find it difficult to comprehend, you take the fun out of the activity. Instead keep it simple and short, so that kids don’t get bored. A few games are that will make your party a sure-shot hit are listed below:

Different Birthday Games For Kids

Taste and Tell

You could arrange for 10-12 eatables like chocolate like one from chocolate bonanza box, tamarind, some fruits, and bread (garlic or any) and keep small portions of them in a small jar.

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Blindfold the kid and feed him/her all articles one by one and in next 5 minutes he should be able to write all items he/she has tasted.  Younger ones who can’t write can opt for memorizing and speaking them orally. The one who tells maximum items correct is a winner.

Momma Says

This is one of group activity which can involve all age groups and is fun to execute. Ask kids to stand at a safe distance from each other and respond to all tasks that follows after the announcement “Momma Says….” for example: “Momma says: Jump/Laugh/ Hands-up etc . You could repeat these sets and vary the speed. Choose the winner amongst kid who executes the command flawlessly and obey the rules.

Memory Games

Neatly arrange small transparent jars of items like button, cotton, crayons, lentils etc. Keep it at a distance saw that it is visible to maximum kids or say group of 10 kids at a time. Give them a minute of time to observe and memorise. After a minute cover the jars with a thick clock and all kids scribble what all things they saw on a paper. The one who gets maximum correct wins.

Passing the Hamper

This game comes handy when the volume of kids is too high.  You could put on some funny music or any popular number and give a chocolate hamper like almond rocks, to be passed among the kids, sitting in a circle or any shape.

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The hamper would pass number of hands till the music is stopped. The kid with the hamper when the music stops, will be out and game would continue until there’s only one kid left and he would be considered as the winner. And will take hamper home.

Jump and Eat

Another game to calm the energies of the naughty bunch is to suspend chocolates from the ceiling till a height that the kids have to jump and reach their favourite milk chocolate bar, in one minute.

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Only one rule, no hands allowed. Kids would need to jump and eat the chocolate. Whomsoever finishes first or eats maximum portion of chocolate in within stipulated time is winner.

Lemon And the Spoon Race

Nothing can beat the old classical game of lemon and spoon.  The kids have to balance the lemon on a spoon, while the reach the finish line with spoon in their mouths. Lemons can’t be touched with hands while the race is on.

These are simple yet fun games that kids of all ages can enjoy while the onlookers will be entertained and with those yummy chocolates from your birthday party would be a sure-shot hit.

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