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Fresh Belgian Chocolates

Belgian Chocolates

There are the regular chocolate bars, homemade chocolates, French and Swiss chocolates, and then there is the Belgian Chocolate considered by many, and with good reason as the king of chocolates. The various products at Chocholik are made from the best Belgian chocolates.

High Quality Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates don’t come cheap. What sets the Belgian chocolates apart other than the high price tag are the quality of the ingredients used, the technique and the training.
The finest ingredients are used – the best cocoa beans from Africa and corverture chocolate made in Belgium itself. These chocolates do not contain preservatives.

Try some chocolate sampling at Chocholik made from premium Belgian chocolates such as the 18 Pc Finest chooclate Assortment Box or the Finest Chocolates Gift Pack.

18 Pc Finest chooclate Assortment Box

Belgian Chocolate Making Technique

Most chocolatiers in Belgium prefer to use traditional machinery and handmade techniques  to make their chocolates. The heating process and transportation of the couverture creates a marked difference in the quality. Ground cocoa beans are added to coca butter and sugar and carefully heated to give a smooth texture to the mixture. The resulting couverture  is transported in special heat tankers eliminating the need for reheating and helps retain the freshness and aroma.

Famous Belgian Brands and Chocolate Makers

There are over 2000 shops in Belgium offering a variety of chocolate types and flavours. A visitor to Belgium can participate in chocolate tours which includes visits to chocolate shops, chocolate tasting and receiving special chocolate souvenirs.

Some of the popular brands, which are available around the globe include Neuhans, Leonidas, Godiva, Guylian, Callebaut and Côte d’Or. Internationally acknowledged chocolatiers include Pierre Marcolini, Jean Galler and Dominique Persoone. Locals and tourists heap praise on smaller chocolatiers as well.

Some of the popular ones in Brussels – the Belgian capital – include  Wittamer, Laubach and Irsi. Those who can’t source the chocolates directly from Belgium can try the Chocholik’s Belgian collection such as the Assortment of Exotic Chocolate.

Assortment of Exotic Chocolates

Types of Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates are available in the usual commercial forms. But, it is the traditional chocolate types that make them world famous. The two types attributed to Belgium are chocolate pralines and chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Pralines

European pralines are different from what is available in the US. These pralines are made of chocolate shells with a centre that is filled with flavored creams and nougats including chocolate, coffee, hazelnut and fruit.

These were the original creations of Jean Neuhaus, Belgium’s most famous chocolatier, who was Swiss by origin and picked up an old  French technique to make the chocolate pralines.
Try the chocolate sampling at Chocholik such as Luxurious Selection Assortment, a gourmet gift of chocolate pralines.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are made with a ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder, chopped nuts and icing sugar. They can be conical, spherical or curved in shape. Ganache can be replaced with filling including cream, nuts, melted chocolate, fruits, nougats and even liquer.

Belgian truffles are different from their Swiss and American counterparts. Try the Chocholik collection of truffles such as the Extreme Chocolate Collection in 25 different flavours.

Extreme Chocolate Collection

There are other types of Belgian chocolates. The latte milk chocolate is made with coffee, coca and milk solids. The medaillons or disks are made with fruit, nuts and spice flavours. Sea shell shaped chocolates have shells made of  chocolate and nut filling as the praline inside. Not all Belgian chocolates are dark, you will find heart shaped milk chocolates too. Choose from the Sopishticated Chocolate Collection or the mediant collection of Perfect Chocolate Assortment.

How to Enjoy Your Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates make wonderful and exquisite gift choices. Choose a quiet spot and unwrap the gift box. Pick a piece based on your favourite  flavour. Take in the enticing aroma of the chocolate. Relish the chocolate in slow, small bites. Share with a loved one or family to enhance the experience. These chocolates will have you coming back for more.

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