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Four Types Of Chocolate Lovers

Four Types Of Chocolate Lovers

For some chocolates are just another type of sweet or dessert. For others, they are infrequent indulgences. Some people are unfortunately allergic to certain ingredients found in them. Are you wondering why a particular group has been left out?

You aren’t forgotten and Chocolate lovers or chocoholics should rejoice rather than worry. The products at Chocholik .com have been created with them in mind. If someone close to you is a chocoholic, you can choose products based on their chocolate personality.

Types Of Chocolate Lovers

The Kindhearted And Fun Loving Type

This person loves life and loves to help others. They are a joy to have around and are on most invite lists for fun activities. They have a kind heart that gets reflected in their behavior with others. These individuals fall under the milk chocolate category. Buy them milk chocolates with or without nuts and fruits. You can choose from the Assortment of Exotic Chocolates or the Milky Mocha Bean Chocolate.

Assortment of Exotic Chocolates

The exotic collection contains pralines in varied flavors of mocha, hazelnut and passion fruit. The mocha bean, on the other hand, combines espresso and milk ganache which is covered in more milk chocolate and topped with dark buttons.

The Materialistic Type

They prefer to buy the best of things. They value quality and are status conscious. Such a person does’t necessarily enjoy the finer things in life but venerates and seeks anything that enhances his or her social presence. Dark chocolates and the materialistic personality go hand in hand. Choose some  dark collection of gourmet Belgian truffles and pralines with spicy and fruity flavors. Gift them the Dark Indian Spice or the Cocoa Rich Truffle.

Cocoa Rich Truffle

Both of these collections are made from the finest chocolate  mixed with creamy butter. The Indian Spice is a blend of chili flakes and thyme while the Rich truffle is a ganache covered in bitter cocoa.

The Adventurous Type

The ones that fall into this category are open to experimentation. Their motto is to try everything once. They may be headstrong and risk takers but they do know their limits and flaws. Their personality makes them the perfect candidate for combo chocolates with unique flavors. Choose from a combination of dark, milk and white chocolates enriched with nuts, fruits and spices. The Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection and the Attractive Chocolate Collection are good choices for the free spirited.

Attractive Chocolate Collection

The rocks contain almonds and peanuts for the extra crunchy bite while the attractive collection has dark, white and milk pieces in flavors such as ginger, butterscotch and mocha.

The Confident And Fair Type

These individuals focuses on their strengths and builds up on their skills. They face challenges and tests and thrive on meeting and overcoming adversities. At the same time, they have an innate sense of fairness and will treat you right. White chocolate leave a sweet taste in the mouth and will gel well with their attitudes and mindset. Choose plain white pieces or ones with fruit or spice flavors added to them.

Pista Truffle

Choose Pista Truffles which contains freshly ground pista and vanilla or the Orange Truffles that uses Florida orange zest. Both these truffles are made from high quality cocoa butter and sugar.

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