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Four Quality Chocolates

Four Quality Chocolates

There are everyday chocolate bars and candy and then there are Belgian chocolates. What makes these chocolates so special and why are they considered high quality? The answer is simple. The finest and best of cocoa beans are selected. The chocolate or couventure created from the beans is then turned into various products you see in

The high quality ingredients, quality control tests and machinery makes these chocolates stand out in terms of freshness, flavor and taste. Choose one or more from these chocolate options whether it is a personal purchase or a gift.

Best Quality Chocolates To Eat

Dark And Milk Chocolate Combo

It takes time to warm up to the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate. The ones with high cocoa content although healthy have a select audience. Those of you who like sweet tasting chocolates can try the Authentic Assortment of Heavenly Chocolates.

Authentic Assortment of Heavenly Chocolates

These velvet smooth blocks are made of the finest Belgian chocolates and can be gifted on any occasion. Another quality product is the Sophisticated Chocolate collection.

Sophisticated Chocolate collection

This mix of dark and milk chocolate has fruity and nutty flavors such as almond, cashew and caramel raisin. The pieces are visually appealing with beautiful designs created on them.

Dark And White Chocolate Combo

Want a play a game of dark and light not in looks alone but in taste? Go in for a combination of dark and white chocolates. A good gift for a loved one or for a formal occasion would be the Royal Chocolate Delight Collection.

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection

This 16 piece box has many flavored chocolate including mocha fruit, milky french and pure bitter. The square blocks come in attractive colors and with flower designs on top. The 18 pc Exclusive Chocolate Gift Box has truffle pieces in different flavors ranging from orange and rum raisin to mocha and Indian spice.

18 pc. Exclusive Chocolate Gift Box

This box is an ideal gift for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Chocolate Truffles And Pralines

Want to experiment with other chocolate types? Try some truffles and pralines. You won’t be the only one enjoying the taste and flavors as you will be soon gifting them to loved ones. The 18 Pc Chocolate Truffle Box contains various pieces such as caramel toffee, pista, peanut brittle and Indian spice.

18 Pc. Chocolate Truffle Box

The varied colors and flavors are a feast for both the visual and the taste senses. If you are in the mood for some pralines, try the Pista Paraline Chocolate collection. Theses are a combination of quality nuts and dry but freshly ground pista powder that is covered in white chocolate. They are available as 9, 12, 16 and 25 piece boxes.

Fruit And Nut Chocolates

Bored of plain chocolates and looking for some flavor in your gourmet pieces? Try the fruit and nuts collection and if you like them, send as gifts to loved ones. The 9 Pc Forever Chocolate Collection combines dark and white chocolate with fruity and nutty flavors.

9 Pc. Forever Chocolate Collection

Some of the flavors include strawberry, hazel nut and passion fruit. A quality product that will have you coming back for more is the Ravishing Nutty Chocolate Collection.

Ravishing Nutty Chocolate Collection

This crunchy, 12 piece box contains rocks and medians made of dark and milk chocolates that are combined with fruits and nuts.

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