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Four Cool 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21 is the age of no strings attached. Right from things to partners to habits, nothing seems to be constant at this age. However, as a well wisher or as responsible friend, it’s important to guide someone who’s as young as 21.

Whether it’s through a piece of advice, counseling or fun filled activities, valuable life lessons should still be game for such 21 year olds. If you know someone, who’s turning 21 and are fretting about birthday gift options, then you need to chalk out ideas, which are not just cool, but remind the youngster about his/her lessons.

Four Cool 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Keychain Alcohol Breath Tester

Very funky, very cool and very responsible gift is a keychain that has an alcohol breath tester. This will remind the youngster of his/her binge drinking limit and will not allow him/her to embark on drunken driving spree. This gift will also serve the purpose of his keychain, which can be easily attached to any key of one’s choice. However, it’s better if the key chain is used for the car keys. At least that way, he can know how much he has to gulp in, before hitting the road.

Wine Glass For Beer Drinkers

Party is what spells 21 year olds, so gifting a very unique, yet funky looking set of wine glasses, which are shaped as upside down beer bottles, are cute! You can confuse your recipient with this optical illusion, which will give an impression of beer bottles turned upside down. These will be a big hit in his or her next all friends party. While gifting, fill each upturned beer bottle glass with chocolates and wrap them up. You can fill chocolates like Exquisite chocolate 12 pc. Collection or Any time exclusive chocolate.

Exquisite Chocolate 12 Pc. Collection box

Quirky Fridge Magnets areFun

If gifting fridge magnets is what you have in mind, then try and pick the quirkier ones, to spell fun and funkiness. These fridge magnets should be more about every day lessons, but in a fun way. For instance, ‘keep calm and carry on’ or ‘you are my best friend-post drinking; etc.

are funny ways of getting at a 21 year old. However, if the size is something that makes the gift very small, then try and gift a box of chocolates or a cake to go with it. Buy Baker’s pride dry fruit cake or plum cake blended baked cookies box.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Keep It Simple With Cake And Flowers

Sometimes 21 year olds wish to be like adults. They no longer find interest in childish things and a lot of pomp and show on birthday celebrations. If you know someone exactly like that, who’s about to turn 21 soon, then choosing a dry fruit cake and some flowers will be all to impress. You can choose cakes like chef’s special dry fruit plum cake or naughty walnut orange marble cake from

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

21 is the age of responsibility, with all amounts of fun and frolic. When buying gifts, make sure they spell the correct usage and message, so that the youngsters learn and respect the gifts.

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