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Four Chocolate And Nuts Combo

Four Chocolate And Nuts Combo

Do you consider yourself a nut person? Do you keep a jar of roasted peanuts or cashews on your desk? Does a pack of almonds or hazelnuts have a permanent place in your handbag? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you should definitely try different nut combos.

Among these combos, the chocolate and nut combo never fails to entice. At, premium Belgian chocolate is combined with high quality nuts to create a tantalizing array of chocolate products.

Four Chocolate Nut Ideas To Choose

Almond and Chocolate

Almond are recommended in a healthy diet and fitness program. If you love a bowl of almonds, add some chocolate to the mix. Try the milk chocolate and nut combo – Almonds in Chocolate Surprise.

Almonds in Chocolate Surprise

This is a taste collection of almond rocks wrapped in attractive paper and almonds covered in chocolate. Even the ones who don’t have an almond fetish will enjoy the collection. A healthier option would be Chocolate Almond Rocks.

Chocolate Almond Rocks

This tasty collection contains dark and white chocolate rocks containing almonds with a dribble of white chocolate on top. It is an ideal gift for any occasion or festival.

Peanut and Chocolate

Does the mention of peanut make you drool? How about adding some chocolate but keeping it sugar free? As you have rightly guessed, the resultant product is as healthy as it is delectable. You have enough peanut options to choose; from the Sugar Free Peanut Rocks Gift Pack to the Dark Sugar Free Almond and Peanut Rocks.

Dark Sugar Free Almond and Peanut Rocks

These collections are made from the finest chocolate and contain high quality peanuts. Artificial sweeteners are used to preserve the sweet taste. These can be gifted to anyone but make good gifts for the diabetic or the health conscious.

Hazel Nut and Chocolate

If you are the mood for some hazelnuts, try the chocolate and nuts combination of Nutty Praline with Dark.

Nutty Praline With Dark

These pralines, available in 9, 12 and 16 pack boxes, contain hazelnuts mixed in soft dark chocolate with hints of cashew. They are then coated in dark chocolate and given a unique shape. These can be gifted on special occasions and festivals. For more hazelnuts in chocolate, try the Milky Hazelnut Praline Chocolate collection consisting of nut enriched pieces.

Milky Hazelnut Praline Chocolate

This unique heart shaped collection combines hazelnut pralines and milk chocolate truffles and comes in boxes of 9, 12, 16 or 25 pieces.

Cashew Nut and Chocolate

Cashew nut lovers needn’t despair on seeing the other nutty flavors. Chocholik has cashew collections to cater to their taste senses. You can choose from Nutty TruffleNutty Dark Mendiant or Nutty Marble.

Nutty Marble

The truffles are dark ganaches containing cashew nut and peanut. They are covered in dark chocolate and topped with more cashew for a crunchy bite. The truffles can be gifted for weddings and anniversaries.

The mediants are dark chocolate coins topped with whole cashews, hazelnuts and almonds. These make wonderful gifts for most occasions and are good choices for parties. Children are bound to enjoy the coin and nut combo. The marbles are exquisite pieces of white chocolate combined with cashew, dates and lemon. These squares are then decorated in line patterns using dark chocolate. The marbles are good choices as both individual and group gifts.

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