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Five Tasty Valentines Day Chocolates

Valentine’s Day knocks at our doorstep each year. For some it brings joy; the joy of cementing a relationship or the excitement  and thrill of a new one. For others, it is a day to lie low nursing  a heartbreak or moaning  over their single status. Whether you spend  the day with a special someone, alone, or in a group of commiserating singles, chocolates can brighten up the darkest of moods and add an extra sparkle to the romance.

Chocolates come in diverse flavours and shapes with something to cater to discerning taste buds. Most people agree and accept that chocolates are great emotional buffers, then what is stopping you from indulging in these sinful delight this Valentine? has delectable and tasty Valentine’s Day chocolate collections to choose from including these five chocolate versions.

Five Tasty Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Heart shaped chocolates

Love blooms all year round but never is it so visibly celebrated as on Valentine’s Day. Indulge in some tempting heart shaped chocolates, better still share it with your special someone as desserts after a sumptuous and romantic dinner. Heart shaped chocolates come in many flavours  with some containing nuts in the centre. Try the Admirers Surprise that contains heart shaped chocolates in flavours like rose, hazelnut and orange or the Valentino Love Expression in delightful flavours like cinnamon, hazelnut, raspberry and orange.

Admirers Surprise

Attach a  teddy bear or tweety pie soft toy and a beautiful love card for your girlfriend or wife and don’t be surprised by the  hugs and squeals of delight that follow.

Chocolate truffles

The chocolate truffle is made with a centre filling of chocolate ganache or nuts, even liqueurs that is then coated in cocoa, chocolate or icing sugar. Truffles though European in origin have found their way into all corners of the world. There is something magical about watching your loved one enjoying a piece of exotic truffle. If you happen to be single, drive away your loneliness by getting the Ultimate Truffle Gift Box with Tweety Pie.

Ultimate Truffle Gift Box

The chocolate truffles in enticing flavours such as almond, orange, five spice, peanut brittle,  nutty and caramel toffee with have you emptying the box in no time.

Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars have been around for as long as we can remember. Most of us have indulged in them throughout childhood with many continuing the love relationship well into adulthood. Chocolate bars make ideal gifts and treats for any one who loves them, be it a special someone, family member, friend or colleague.

If work  and distance keeps you and beloved away from Valentine celebrations, seek solace in a handy chocolate bar. Those of you looking to send chocolates to someone staying  in a different city can gift the Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar made of dark chocolate and almonds with a teddy bear sent along with the gift box.

Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar

Chocolate pralines

Pralines made of nuts and sugar syrup are an acquired taste. Chocolate praline lovers seeking to share the message of love on Valentine’s Day can buy the 25 Pc Chocolate Collection Box with assorted praline flavours such as apricots, orange, passion fruits, and hazelnut among others.

25 Pc Chocolate Collection Box

They can express their love and appreciation by sending the Luxurious Selection Chocolate With Love Teddy as a gift to someone special who share their love for pralines.

Chocolate rocks

Chocolate rocks are multi-coloured candy nuggets made of milk chocolate or coloured rock shaped chocolate in thin candy shells. They make a tasty and wonderful gift for family and friends and can be enjoyed regardless of an occasion. Buy a box of Valentino Choco Delight with heart shaped chocolate rocks in almond and cashew flavours to help express your true feelings to a friend who means much more to you.

Valentino Choco Delight

Surprise and delight your beloved with the Musty Love Cake Chocolate Rocks. The gift does not end with the rich plum cake or chocolate rocks but includes a heartfelt love card and a huggable teddy bear.

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