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Five Luxury Chocolate Brands

The intense aroma and tempting flavors makes chocolates very hard to resist. For every affordable chocolate variety available in the market today, there are luxurious pieces created by some of the best chocolatiers and chocolate brands in the world.

These pricey pieces may not be your regular picks but they do make excellent gifts for anyone who loves chocolates and other good things in life. Your ’50 things to do before I die’ lists should include buying and tasting one of these signature collections.

Before we globe trot in search of five luxury brands, visit for some quality chocolates made from luxurious Belgian couventure.

Five Luxury Chocolate Brands

Artisan Du Chocolat, UK

They make all kinds of chocolates from truffles, caramels, mints and fruits bars. This London based brand also creates specialty chocolates that come with three options – sugar free, dairy free and vegan. Their Assorted Pearls are a simple, mouth watering pieces that are both luxurious and attractive.

These white and dark chocolate ganaches and pralines come in different colors, each representing a different flavor. The collection is priced at $30. Any Time Exclusive Chocolate comes in wonderful fruity flavors such as lemon, orange, mint, raspberry and passion fruit.

Any Time Exclusive Chocolate box

These high quality and pure chocolates presented in a wooden box make for thoughtful gifts for events and celebrations.

Z Chocolat, France

Z Chocolat along with Pascal Caffet have crafted unique bullion pieces that are coated in real gold. They have  labelled these as the world’s most expensive chocolates and being worth it. The chocolate insides are as luxurious, being a combination of dark chocolate, dried fruits, hazelnut, licorice and praline.

These 3.4 inch pieces that come in a wooden box with an attractive dagger attached, cost $261 each. They have other exquisite and luxurious creations that are a delight to see and taste.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment, a 30 pc in an attractive wooden box, is indeed a luxurious and gourmet gift. These pralines come in flavors such as mocha, passion fruit, hazel and French biscuit among others.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

Jacques Torres, USA

Jacques Torres has earned his reputation as a patissier. His chocolate boutique is popular with New Yorkers seeking unique flavored chocolates such as lemon, vodka spritzer, passion fruit and Earl Grey tea chocolates. One of his popular collections is the 8 pc Champagne Truffles box that is priced at $20.

These pieces  are a blend of of milk chocolate, fresh cream and champagne – Taittinger Brut La Française.
Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection from contains 25 exclusive, luxurious and delectable chocolates in nutty flavors such as peanut, almond purist and almond flakes.

Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection

La Maison du Chocolat, France

This Paris based boutique specializes in pralines and ganaches, and are known for using edgy and exotic spices including Timur pepper from Nepal and cinnamon sticks from Indonesia. They have created chocolate jeweled dresses and even a vintage chair with chocolate armrests and feet.

The Coffret Maison collection available as either dark chocolates or dark and milk chocolates are luxury gifts boxes that cost $58 for 28 pieces.The Assortment of Exotic Chocolates is an excellent choice for luxurious chocolate gifting. The signature varieties include hazel, orange, mocha and passion fruit pralines.

Assortment of Exotic Chocolates

Madame Tsetsuko, Japan

While Japanese sweets aren’t traditionally associated with chocolates, Madame Tseusuko attempts to bridge the gap with a collection that blends western and eastern influences. These are currently available in Japan alone but make a yearly appearance at the Salon Du Chocolat in Paris.

The chocolatier experiments with flavors ranging from ginger and sesame to green tea and Yuzu. Delicate hand painted flowery designs form the chocolate decorations. The Ganache De Saisons, depicting the various seasons, is a 10 piece collection sold as stand alone pieces or together, subject to availability. The set of 10 costs $30.

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