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Five Great Ideas For Valentines Day

So, last year was a romantic movie and lunch and the year before was a dinner and before that… Wait, are you doing the same things over and over again. Well, if yes then it is time to give those cliches a run for their money. Why not do something different and unique this time and also get fits, which are a class apart.

Yes flowers are always romantic and who wouldn’t love to have a box of The Perfect Chocolate Assortment to nibble on! But what you need to do is make this day a little more peppy and romantic, so get ready to spruce up your style and check out these great ideas for Valentines Day

The Perfect Chocolate Assortment

Great Ideas For Valentines Day

Explore And Explore

You both may or may not be from the same town, but it doesn’t mean that you have visited every nook and corner. This Valentines Day why not just hang around with each other doing things that you always wanted to, but never really got to. Take a trip to that museum or visit that old park where you played as kids. Head to the amusement part for some fun filled rides or head out to that little cafe in the hidden lanes of your city. Believe me, you will surely have a blast seeing this town again as a tourist, holding your partners hand.

Time Machine

And yes I know you wish you had one of these to mend your mistakes and improvise, but since you don’t how about re-living your first special or romantic date. What you can do is make reservations at the same restaurant and order the same things you had when you first went there. If it is off the menu, make a special request to the chef and re-live those times. If you have those old jeans with you, put them on and just go back in time to rekindle that love!

Take Classes Together

She always wanted you to learn salsa or cooking… Well why not do something like that. Take a class together and learn something your partner always wanted to! If it is a cooking class then it is a great way to make her some cute chocolates or cakes. If it is dancing, then you can hit the night club later and rock some moves that you learned at class.

Make A Bucket List

It is never too soon or late to make a bucket list, because time is something that we are always short of. Do things that you had been planning on for years. It may be something totally whacky like bungie jumping or very spooky like exploring that old haunted house. So grab a pen and paper and get going


No I don’t mean that you run away and get married. But just get away from everyone else. Head to a nearby picnic spot or natural reservoirs, where the two of you can just be with each other. Just spend time together! And while planning these ideas, don’t forget to pick a Chocholicious Ecstasy box to add a sweet finish to your Valentines Day!

Chocholicious Ecstasy

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