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Five Fun Filled Valentine Day Games

Before you jump into thinking something naughty, grab yourself! This isn’t about any of those cheesy valentine day games, but pure fun filled games, which will allow you and your partner to have a nice quality time together.

Come Valentine’s Day and people start making big plans. From vacationing, fine dining, to expensive gifts, nothing seems to be small, but here’s the thing. You don’t have to be those filmy lovey-dovey couples, straight out of a Yash raj film script, who can’t say ‘I love you’ minus the exotic locales or the loud fancy gifts.

Just a little alone time with some fun filled games, can help you set sail for that Valentine’s Day celebrations. Soon you’ll realize that the games were too much fun than anything else. If you are wondering how you too can be a part of this craziness, then just pick any game from the below mentioned list and trust me, you’ll be on a roller coaster drive!

Fun Filled Valentine Day Games

Valentine Day Scramble

If this sounds boring, then think again! Choose this game, if your partner or your friends love the word game. Make a list of all possible words, which you associate with Valentine’s Day. Scramble the words and give a copy of these jumbled words, to each of your friends. Set a time line and get them into organizing words from these disorganized words.

The one who finishes on time or scores the maximum wins the prize. Try and keep a stash of prizes for the game. You can have various sets of such words. It could be related to movies, songs, books or anything that spells Valentine Day. Get creative and get started!

Valentine message finder

This is real fun! All you have to do is make chits, with the name of your Valentine and put them in a balloon. Let the balloon float amidst a sea of balloons and tell your Valentine to pick the correct one. You can keep similar chits for all your friends and tell them to find the message in the same way. There should be 3 chances given for the search. The one who succeeds wins the game. The best part is when everybody frantically pops the balloons and reads other’s messages. The message reading part could be really funny!

Tasting session

This game calls for blindfolding all the participants and making them taste a wide variety of foods. It could be wine, if all are connoisseurs of the drink or it could be even chocolates. Pick a 12 Pc. Assorted Mendiants Box or Sophisticated Chocolate Collection from Chocholik and make the participants taste them, one by one.

Sophisticated Chocolate Collection box

The one, who identifies the maximum number of flavors beneath the dark seduction, wins the prize. Trying this game with an assortment of cookies like Cherry Chocochip Nutty Mix, might also bring in some fun. From Plum Cake Blended Baked Cookies Box to Fresh Baked Cookies Assortment, from chocholik can make your tasting session fun filled and delicious!

Fresh Baked Cookies Assortment

Who knows the most?

This is one tricky game and this calls for gathering all information you have on your Valentine. The moment you bask in ‘I know it all’ attitude, in comes the challenge. Your Valentine will get to set a list of questions on his likes and dislikes and you will have to answer them. If you get the maximum answers correct, then you get to be crowned by him as his true valentine.

The same happens in your case as well. Similarly, you prepare a set of questions for all your friends and they to do for each other to vote their potential Valentine on this day! Its fun filled and also allows everybody to know about each other, in detail. This game can be played with the family members too!

Pick your Valentine

This is another game that calls for blindfolding, but it is slightly different than the tasting session. The blindfolded person will have to find his Valentine amidst a crowd of people, by calling out his or her name. If he feels he has the right person, he has to kiss her on the cheek. This can be scary, fun filled and hilarious, especially when you see people running in different direction from the blindfolded person.

Valentine’s Day is just isn’t about romance or expressing love to your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a day to express your love to anyone, you think you like or care. Not everything transcends into love, but if there is even 1% chance of it happening, in any relationship, then you don’t want to miss it. So, all in the name of love, celebrate this Valentine’s Day with fun games, with your partner, friends and family.

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