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Five Dark Chocolate With Nuts

Dark chocolate are healthy but are they tasty? Frankly, that depends upon your taste buds. If you like your chocolates sweet, you may not appreciate the dark ones with high cocoa content.  If that’s the case, you can try the ones with less of cocoa beans and more of other ingredients.

How about some nuts in your chocolate? Maybe, a combination of nuts and spices? If that piques your interest, what about some dark chocolate with nuts, spices and fruit? Drooling already! Good. Take a look at the spread laid out for you on while we come up with tasty combinations just for you.

Five Dark Chocolate With Nuts

9 Pc Dark Chocolate Nutty Box

This nutty collection has many flavors ranging from almond to raisin. If the box isn’t attractive enough, these dark pieces made from the finest Belgian couventure will definitely tantalize your taste buds.

9 Pc. Dark Chocolate Nutty Box

Gift this elite collection to an elder who likes all things sophisticated and perfect. Share it with your boss on a festive occasion. Words such as Almond Purist, Rich Cashew and Rain Dark should whet their appetite. You can also try the three aforementioned flavors as separate 9 piece chocolate collections.

18 Pc Ultimate Truffle Gift Box

For those who love truffles or have never tasted them before, this collection is a good choice. This 18 piece gift box  contains multi-flavored chocolate truffles. Even if a particular flavor isn’t to your liking, the others should keep you happy and craving for more.

Some of the truffles include nutty, orange, almond, caramel toffee, peanut brittle and five spice among other flavors. Like a particular flavor? Then, purchase the nut flavored dark chocolate truffles such as the peanut brittle or nutty truffle as separate 18 piece boxes.

Peanut Brittle Truffle

Shiny Truffles

Are you tired of dark chocolates that look the same though they taste different? Want to impress your special someone with a gift that he or she may end up admiring so much that they forget to take a bite. Try this exotic creation that is a winner in both the looks and the taste departments.

Shiny Truffle

This 18 piece collection contains both dark and milk chocolates such as hazelnut praline and caramel truffle. The shiny truffles comes in four different colors of gold, silver, red and brown with a beautiful sugar flower atop each chocolate. Gift wrap it to make an exquisite wedding or engagement gift.

Lovable Chocolate Collection

If you like a combination of fruit and nut chocolates in a single box, try this 16 piece collection. The name befits the collection in terms of the packaging, and more importantly, the varied flavors of these gourmet pieces. Enjoy some lip tickling almond purist or ginger candy.

Lovable Chocolate Collection

Have some spicy dreams with the dark cinnamon fantasy and round off your choco trip with some dark raisin. You don’t have to share this box if you don’t want to, but as they say, happiness increases when shared. So, go ahead and gift another box to your loved one.

Delicious Rocks Gift Collection

Can’t afford to gift your girlfriend some rocks of the ring variety? No sweat. Just get her these dark rocks and mediants containing almond flakes.

Delicious Rocks Gift collection

She will also find milk chocolate rocks in this collection. Dark chocolate and almond form a great combination for the health conscious and this rock gift is sure to find favor with them.

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