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Five Best Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars – the very sight of one fills a chocoholic or an infrequent indulger with delight. How many of you have quickly snapped off a small square and gobbled it up when no one is watching? Quite a few have done it at some point or the other. That is the magic of chocolate bars.

Chocolates bars make great gifts, especially as hampers. They also come with an advantage over other products such as truffles, pralines or ganaches. They are a cheaper way of sampling chocolates for anyone keen on tasting the high-end ones. Sink your teeth into some tasty bars from before trying the five others in the list.

Five Best Chocolate Bars

Galler Chocolate – Noir 70

Jean Galler comes from a chocolatier family and  launched his company in Belgium. It now has branches in France, Japan and the UAE. His dark chocolate creations with 60% to 85%  cocoa content are popular with critics and connoisseurs alike.

Try one of  his creations, the Noir 70, a mini dark chocolate bar containing 70% cocoa. The 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Gift Box is a plain dark bar with 70% cocoa. It is a luxurious creation that can be gifted to lovers of dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Bar Gift Box

Slitti Chocolate – Latte 35

Andrea Slitti, the owner and an acclaimed chocolate master, creates some fine chocolates with his Italy based company. The company produces quality coffee beans along with pure and tasty chocolates. Try the Latte 35% – a milk bar with 35% cocoa content that is gluten free.

Sugar Free Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar Gift Pack is for the health conscious and the diabetic who are allowed a rare bite or two. This is a dark chocolate bar containing roasted almonds for the nutty flavor and is sugar free.

Sugar Free Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar Gift Pack

Enric Rovira – Xoco Pepper

The company is based in Spain and produces fine chocolates that are available in many specialist shops outside the country. The owner and chocolatier, Enric Rovira, enjoys innovating with fruity flavors, nutty tastes and attractive packaging.

Try the Xoco Pepper from the collection of small chocolate bars. This milk bar contains 40% cocoa and uses ground black pepper as the main flavoring ingredient. Milk Chocolate Bar Gift Box is another wonderful gift choice. This vintage milk bar will invoke pleasant memories from the past.

Milk Chocolate Bar Gift Box

Lindt – Classic Recipe Hazelnut

Lindt, the Swiss chocolate company, is famous for its chocolates. They are as popular for their dark and extra bitter chocolates as for the quality of their products. In case you are wondering they do make white chocolates.

For a change, try their Classic Recipe Hazelnut, a white chocolate bar made with milk, cream and hazelnuts. Marshmellow and Blueberry Bar Gift Box is a milk bar that has blueberries and marshmellows combined with fine couverture. The juicy fruit flavor and the melting chocolate gives you an intense feeling of pleasure.


Domori – IL 100%

Domori has the distinction of being a company that creates chocolate bars with 100% cocoa. They are known to use ten different cocoa beans in their chocolates. They also use a single source cocoa bean in some of their creations. They avoid the use of emulsifiers in their chocolates. Try their IL 100% that is visually appealing and delectable. This dark chocolate bar contains 100% cocoa.

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