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Five Artisan Chocolates To Savour

You often hear the terms; specialty chocolates, fine chocolates and artisan chocolates? Before we get into the discussion of the finest, artisan chocolates in the world, we need to know what they actually mean. A high percentage of chocolate in the finished products doesn’t automatically qualify it as artisan.

What are artisan chocolates?

There are dark, milky and white varieties of artisan chocolates in various forms including bars, truffles, pralines, disks and rocks and hearts.  Let us look at the process of producing chocolates that pass muster. Artisan chocolates are made using the best quality cocoa beans, that are often cultivated in a single estate or come from a single country.

The chocolate maker turns these beans into high quality couverture. Chocolatiers, specially trained in the art of producing handmade chocolates, add minimal ingredients to produce chocolates with texture and flavor. These are made in small quantities  and retain the original aroma of the cocoa bean. Before we travel the world in search of artisan chocolates, you can see the artisan sampling at

Five Artisan Chocolates to Savour

Geert Decoster – Centho Chocolates, Belgium

How can we talk about artisan chocolates and forget Belgium chocolatiers, the makers of some of the finest chocolates in the world? The artisan chocolates created by Geert Decoster, who owns Centho Chocolates, are considered connoisseur pieces. His layered ganaches have won him worthy praise from the diners at the Ritz and Dorchester hotels in the U.K.
His chocolates have their own personality, flavor and texture. Centho Chocolates use a mix of cocoa beans sourced from different parts of South America and Africa. There are different flavors available to suit each chocolate lover’s palate, not to mention the attractive packaging used to sell these chocolates. Do partake in some rich, Belgian chocolates Fiesta Chocolate Rocks containing hazel nut rocks.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks

Pacari Chocolates, Educador

Pacari Chocolates  based in Educador is a family owned company. The business philosophy seeks to ensure that their chocolates products support the environment and the local community. This is done by preserving and using the native cocoa beans – Arriba Nacional. These single origin chocolates, the first of their kind, are made in Ecuador itself. The small batches, selected ingredients and quality control ensures a classic and truly artisan final product.

These rich pralines from the Quintessential collection 25 Pc Box presented in a beautiful wooden box should please your eyes and taste buds.


Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolates, USA

The hallmark of Richard Donneley chocolates are unusual ingredients and flavors. French and Belgian couverture is used and ingredients including lavender, cardamon, saffron, and Earl Grey tea are added to it. His white chocolate varieties using nuts and honey are equally popular.

Innovative techniques aside, he produces limited quantity of  chocolate, around 50 pounds in a day. This helps preserve quality and freshness. Looking for something in different  flavors, try the Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates, a 25 pc box with enticing flavors that include raspberry  strawberry and hazelnut.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Richart Bomboni, France

These artisan chocolates are proof of commitment to quality and refinement in addition to experiments with flavors and textures. Richart Bomboni is considered as one of the finest chocolate makers in France. The chocolates often come in distinctive colors and designs giving them a stunning visual effect. His finest collection is a burlwood vault that comes with seven drawers filled with chocolates. There are humidity and temperature gauges in the vault that help maintain the freshness and taste of the chocolates, and all this at a cost of $850.

Amedei – Chauo Chocolates, Italy

These artisan chocolates with a unique fruity flavor are made from the Venezuelan cocoa bean – Chuao. Alessio Tessier, the owner of Amedie, holds exclusive rights to the plantation where this bean is grown.  The Chauo Chocolates formulated by his chocolatier sister are considered not just the best, but one of the most expensive chocolates in the world.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

Want to seek your teeth into some fine, expensive chocolates? Go in for the Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment, a 30 pc praline collection made with passion fruit, mocha, nuts and other ingredients.

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