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First Year Anniversary Presents

There are some special occasions every year that make life more worthwhile. These occasions are what we look forward to and hunt for ways in which we can make is all the more special and memorable. One of the occasions that you share with the love of your life is the wedding anniversary.

This is the day that reminds you of the significance of being together and how much you care and appreciate each other in your lives. Herein, the first anniversary holds the maximum importance as it is more of an achievement with your love than an event.

To make it something that will be etched in your partner’s mind forever, try and gift them something that they will never forget. This guide below will help you in an ideal manner:-

Best Gifts for 1st Anniversary

Exotic Trip

There can be nothing more luxurious, relaxing and memorable than gifting your partner an exotic trip with you. it will also give you both the golden chance to spend quality time and relive your honeymoon days on this special day. The destination can be chosen according to the budget.

Team up a box of exclusively exotic chocolates with the tickets in the form of Lovable Chocolate Collection. The flavors like almond purist, ginger candy, raisin dark and dark cinnamon fantasy will take them off their feet! The rich taste will leave them pampered for sure.

Lovable Chocolate Collection

Jewelry Piece

What can be more extravagant on the special day of first anniversary than a jewelry piece? This is one in a lifetime opportunity for both the partners and therefore if you have the budget then buy jewelry piece as a gift. It can also be something like a promise ring for both the partners.

To present it to your partner in a romantic way, combine it with a package of Assorted Love Chunk which adds to the beauty of the jewelry. The raspberry and rose flavored chocolates are perfect for the occasion with almond and fruit and nut rocks. It is definitely lip smacking and one that they will surely fall in love with!

Assorted Love Chunk, Festive Cookie Assortment

A Romantic Dinner

For those who have a low budget, need not worry about the gifts on their first anniversary! A romantic dinner by the beach side or by the pool in a candlelight setting is a perfect choice to make not only as a gift but also as a dual benefit of a celebration idea. Team it up with some champagne and flowers as well as fine chocolates.

Indulgent Chocolate Rocks is a perfect one to pick without any doubts. There are two types of chocolate rocks in the box, one of which is fruit and nut and the other is almonds. The attractive packing is an added advantage and that too in a reasonable price tag.

Indulgent Chocolate Rocks

Gift Them ‘You’

Yes, they already know that you are theirs to be, but then what better than gifting yourself to them all over again. Nothing can be more valuable and precious than this gift on the first anniversary. Give them the promise of being together for years to come and present them with the complete ‘you’ forever and ever.

Twinkling Hearts Chocolates

Do not forget to make it a little stylish and unique with Twinkling Hearts Chocolate pack which includes rare flavors like strawberry, rose, raspberry and hazelnut and is one of its own just like the relation you share with your partner.

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