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Find Some Cool Gifts for Your Ruby Anniversary

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is a holy institution in any culture. When we enter into a marital relationship we have many responsibilities to fulfill.  And we don’t do it all single handedly. We do it together with our spouse. And in doing so, time seems to fly.

We don’t realize when we complete forty long years with each other and suddenly we have our ruby or the fortieth anniversary. It’s time to make our spouse special for being the best part of your life. In this article you will explore some special ideas  for gifts with which you can celebrate your ruby anniversary.

List of Ruby anniversary gifts

Ruby Jewellery or An Ornament

You take your wedding bows in your primes and 40th anniversary would be the perfect time to renew your marriage vows. Visit a local temple or a church or any sacred place according to your religion and repeat your marriage promises. With these vows you instill a faith in your partner that you will remain with him or her for the coming years in the same way you have lived so far.

You can make your vows stronger by presenting a ruby ring or a pendant. Rubies are thought to kindle an eternal flame that symbolizes that the passion in your marriage is still alive and will remain so after 40 years together. Gift a box of  chocolates too such as Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley.

Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley gift box

A Dress

How about a dress? You could present your husband with a nice suit or an ethnic wear. Similarly you could present a gown or a saree to your wife. Love does not age. So if you believe that you are young in your heart go for modern wear like jeans and tees for your husband and dresses like ladies trousers, maxis, long flowing gowns for your wives. Make the moment sweeter by presenting each other with chocolates such as Classic Chocolate Swirl with Sorry Card to sort out your differences. You will have a blast together.

Classic Chocolate Swirl with Sorry Card

A lovely Dinner

Dinner will help you to be in your own company away from the jostle of other family members. You go through many ups and downs in this span of forty years. So in this dinner you could forgive each other for any such misunderstandings. How about having your dinner on a personalized cruise? To make it special you could present chocolates such as Quick Mix Classic Surprise with Sorry Card or Dark Choco-Fruit Cake Delight with Sorry Card , Orangy Choco Sensation with Sorry Card, Totally Chocolaty Connoisseur with Sorry Card.

Orangy Choco Sensation with Sorry Card

Personalized Gifts

You can run your imagination here. You can get the gift customized as per your choice. In this gift you could include all that you might wish to tell your husband or your wife. You could gift items such as personalized calendars or personalized wall frames with their images. Add a box of chocolate such as the Quintessential collection 25 Pc Box with it.


You could present Luxury Personalized Champagne that would ideal for a Ruby Anniversary. You can also send personalized messages in a bottle. If your wife loves to cook you could gift her with personalized bone china plate,  personalized his and hers aprons, personalized wooden cheese board set, pair of 40th wedding anniversary mugs and so on. There is no limit to your imagination. You only need to set it free.

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