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Fifth Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Marriages are made in heaven, but the knot is tied down here on earth. Anniversaries are really special; it becomes more special if it’s a 5th one. Celebrating your 5th anniversary shows how strong and solid your relationship is. These are the 2 things that show the sign of a happy married life.

You are madly in love with your partner and want to pamper her with some wonderful ideas? Celebrate your togetherness in  style; look out for some magnificent ideas for your 5th wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Idea For 5 Years Of  Togetherness


This anniversary being the 5th one is really special, show your love by buying a ring. This will be no ordinary ring, get one of your vows or words like “forever” or “you are mine” engraved in the ring. Kneel down during the party, and surprise your partner with this beautiful ring.Along with ring, gift the Raisin Surprise Chocolate Box.

Raisin Surprise Chocolate Box

The box has a beautiful packing and along with the chocolates you get a stuff toy, tweety bird. The chocolates are delicious and are made of rich quality products. The box offers 4 different varieties of chocolates which are simply irresistible.

Recreate Your Honeymoon

Feeling romantic? Go back in time; plan a lovely romantic holiday just for the 2 of you. She will love your idea of romance. Plan for the same location, as you went in your honeymoon, stay in the same resort, eat in the same hotel and enjoy your special occasion.Take a box of Chocolates-Cake gift Combo along with yourself and pamper your partner and yourself with these delightful and mouth-watering chocolates.


The chocolates are soft and simply melt in your mouth providing a pleasant experience. The box offers flavors like Mocha, Hazel and Fruit Biscuit, Orange and Passion Fruit.

A Day Out

Get ready and go out to party. 5 year of togetherness needs to be celebrated. Go around the city party, walk along together hand in hand and have a lovely romantic time together. Watch a movie, dinner and a lovely walk, what a way to celebrate your anniversary.During this wonderful and romantic evening gift them a box of Crisp Cookie Soft Cake Miracle.

Crispy Cookie Soft Cake Miracle

The box is filled with delicious cake and cookie; which your partner will love to eat. The cake is made of dry fruits and is so soft, that the moment you take a bit; it melts in your mouth leaving behind wonderful flavor of dry fruits.

Watch Your Wedding

5 year is a really long time to know a person well. What better occasion to see your marriage cd. Re-live the moments again. Have a small get together with close family and friends and play your wedding cd. You can also take out your wedding album and see that as well. A lovely way to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary!While watching the marriage cd; gift your wife with the lovely Assorted Love Chunk box.

Assorted Love Chunk

A box offers lovely and delicious chocolates for you to share with your near and dear ones. Delightful flavor of raspberry and mouth-watering almond and fruit n nut rocks are so lovely that your simply cannot stop eating.

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