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Enticing Red Chocolates

You can find chocolates in varied colors, shapes and even find other foods dipped in plain or colored chocolate. Have you ever walked by a candy store or a shop that stocks chocolates only to stop in your tracks and admire the colored pieces? Chances are, you have, and ended up wondering how the product, essentially brown or white, gets the vivid colors.

There are various way to get the red look in chocolates. This is usually achieved by using colored chocolate products and natural and artificial colors, among other techniques. Before we reveal the secret behind the alluring red colored chocolates, try some red sampling at

Enticing Red Chocolate Creations

Red Chocolate – Using Candy or Wafers

Chocolate melts and wafers are basically made of white chocolate  or cocoa butter. They are  commercially available either as plain white or colored pieces. There are many chocolate stores that specialize in these products using strict quality control techniques.

These are used by chocolatiers selling home made chocolates. The creamy melts and wafers are melted before being used in molding, coating or dipping chocolates. These wafers or melts are also used for snacking and as part of food decorations. Experience the bright red color combined with the fine taste of chocolates with the  25 pc Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates collection,  or gift it to your loved ones.

25 pc Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Red Chocolate – Dragees

These are commercially available red colored chocolates. The dragees are made of milk chocolate and have a hard outer shell. Given the different shapes available and a shell that don’t break or melt easily, these are mainly used as food decorations.

While they are edible, they are used on tables as decorations, attached to invitation and welcome cards, used as decorations on cakes or sent as heart shaped valentine gifts. Red may be the favored color but dragess do come in other colors. Try the chocolates from the Love In The Chocolate Air Box in different flavors and shaped as hearts with an enticing red color as topping.

Red Chocolates – Artificial Food Colors

Food coloring is the most common technique of producing ommercial colored chocolates. These food colorants are available in powder form or are oil based.  Allura Red AC or Red 40, approved by food authorities in various countries, is an artificial color used to get the red tinge.

You can create anything from Santa Claus and gummy bears to the Swiss knifes in the color red. The colors are used without diminishing the flavor of the cocoa bean and the added ingredients in any way. The raspberry and rose flavored chocolates in the Assorted Love Chunk surprise pack combined with nuts-and-fruits rocks  are both visually appealing and delectable.

Assorted Love Chunk

Red Chocolates – Natural Food Colors

Regular food coloring being water based does not gel with chocolates. Some chocolatiers selling homemade chocolates experiment with natural foods to get some color into white chocolates. These colors can be made at home or are available in shops. Commercially available natural colors come in the form of powders, pastes or gels.

When it comes to handmade colors; powdered red beetroot, red berries and kinako are added to melted chocolate to get a reddish-pink tinge. These colors lack the intensity and shine of artificial colors. They are healthy alternatives unless you are allergic to a particular food used to obtain the color. Love in the chocolate air box  is a pink box with 6  flavored chocolates in  bright colors. Do buy some.

Love in the Chocolate Air box

Red Chocolate – Natural, Exotic Ingredient

The Red Fire Chocolate Bar isn’t completely red in color, is sugar free and falls under the category of exotic chocolates. These are produced by Vosges Chocolate. The squares contain dark chocolate mixed with Ceylon cinnamon and Mexican chipotle and ancho chilies.  Maltitol is used as a sugar free alternative. This  chocolate with a difference has a fruit, spicy and acidic taste, in addition to the warm taste of the chilies.

Red Chocolates – Almonds and Strawberry Dips

Almost everyone has seen or tasted almonds and strawberries dipped in chocolates. A splash of red color to the milk chocolate dipping give the almonds a shiny burgundy-red shade. They make wonderful gifts and add a touch of color and glamour to events and celebrations.

Twinkling Hearts Chocolates

 Strawberries that have been half dipped in milk chocolate or half coated in chocolate sprinkles are stunning to see and delectable in taste. In the meantime, gift the Twinkling Hearts Chocolates, a 20 pc collection of raspberry, strawberry, hazelnut  and rose flavored chocolates that look and taste good.

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