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Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement is an important event in everybody’s life. A lot of people from the family and friends circle wants to express their best wishes and love in the form of a gift.

However, it is just a gesture. So always pick an appropriate gift and express your wishes. You need not spend thousands of rupees on buying a gift as gift is just a small token that help you to show your support and love to the couple.

But in case you want to buy a large gift but don’t have adequate funds then you should team up with other friends to buy a bigger gift. Now to choose the best gift on the occasion of engagement you can follow the following ideas:

Engagement Gift Ideas

Activity Books for Couples

An activity book for couples is available at various book stores and online portals. Solving the activities in the book together by the couple helps them to develop a sort of understanding before tying the knot. So this book will surely be liked by the couple as they will enjoy doing the activities in it and on the other hand they will develop a sort of understanding.

Mesmerizing treasure chocolates are a chocolate combination that is inspired by love and it has a luxurious taste of chocolate with a vivacious collection of 25 pc in the chocolate box. This box has got rich and smooth flavors of hazelnut, orange, raspberry, rose and strawberry.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Names Gift

A unique idea for a gift for the engagement is to buy a set of four mugs and get two engraved with last names of both the families and then two with the first name so that both family name remains in their home even after marriage.

A mug will look a very small gift on the occasion of engagement party so you can gift gourmet gifts with mugs like assorted love chunks, gift baskets etc. Assorted love chunk has a lingering fragrance of raspberry and rose flavored chocolates that will give you a lip tingling affect with a surprise of a mouthful of almond and fruit ‘n’ nut rocks.

Assorted Love Chunk, Festive Cookie Assortment

Decorative Items

You should look for buying a decorative gift on the occasion of engagement. Always keep in mind the personalities of the couple and buy anything from the store that will remind the couple of you. So visit an antique shop and buy a kitchen or other home decor item.Coasters with the names of the family members and a photo frame or pillow covers with the couple’s name are some of the good ideas for gifting on engagement.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificate to a romantic place like dinner, the cruise will help the couple to spend some quality time before entering the stressful time of the pre-wedding preparations. In case the couple is adventurous then gifting them a coupon for an air balloon ride or a salsa dancing session.

Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley gift box

Movies shows or event tickets can also be given with Coated almond and chocolate medley will give you a stunning chocolaty experience as it is made up of finest chocolates which will give you some light and dark chocolate with all new flavors of apricot and hazel praline.

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