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Eight Valentine Gifts For Men

Valentine’s Day is the day to express your feelings. Although, the concept may sound a little cliché to some, but still the idea is to enjoy and just go with the much hyped concept of celebrating love. After all, it’s just a break from monotony, so enjoy it all the more!

Valentine is not just meant to be your boyfriend! Pick the man, who means the most in your life and you have your Valentine! Talking about men, it could be your boyfriend, male friends, husband, son, grandson, father, grandfather or even father in law. If you really plan to do something big on this day , especially for the men in your life, then loosen your purse strings and get set to do some shopping.

Using the day as a medium to express that you love and care will mean a lot to all these men, so splurging a little will be good. Just pick any item from the list given below, and make them cherish the fact that they have you in life.

Best Valentine Gifts for Men

Fine Dining

Fine dining may not be all about candle light dinners, but definitely about some gourmet food. Men love their food. If you have brother, boyfriend or even an uncle, who loves to gorge on the choicest of foods, then this is the time to treat them. Take them to a nice restaurant and give them a fine dining experience. Let the man have his share of cold cuts or desserts, to satiate his taste buds on this day. Mind you, don’t forget the fine drinks. Trust me, the drinks will make him cherish you all the more!

A Basket of Gourmet Food

Nothing impresses men, more than that snazzy and sexy looking bottle of champagne or that assortment of cheese and wine combo. You can also add a sweet twist and incorporate a box of cookies or an assortment of chocolates to impress the man. Choose Dark and light jumblecookie box or a Delectable cookie-cake combo, from Chocholik in the basket.

Dark n Light Jumble

Choosing from a wide array of chic looking box of chocolates like Authentic Assortment of Heavenly Chocolates from Chocholik can also do the trick. A touch of sophistication will make you their favorite person, for many years.

Authentic Assortment of Heavenly Chocolates

Mini Bar Set

If your man loves his parties and often is seen bar-tending in most of the social events, then gifting him a nice mini bar set will be handy. This might help him sort out those last minute confusions, when he is looking for his cocktail flask or double jigger and is not finding them. A mini bar should have all the essentials. It should have a double jigger, a strainer, a mixing spoon, a cocktail flask and a pair of ice tongs. It would be better if the entire mini bar stands up on some chic looking steel stand. The set will not be just handy, but will also look good at the bar station.

Grooming Kit

Who said that grooming or being beauty conscious is just a women’s game. Every man on this planet secretly loves to look good, especially amidst the crowd. However, if you know a man in your family or friend circle or your husband, who loves to groom and doesn’t feel ashamed about taking care of himself, then it is the time to splurge on grooming products.

Get a customized kit, which will have an assortment or an array of grooming products to choose from. It could have a manicure set, a shaving kit, a fancy perfume to even an electronic gadget for grooming. The latter can be an electronic shaver, turbo groomer, a hair dryer or even a dental care kit. Just think of what he may like and make it a part of the grooming kit. This gift will definitely get you some brownie points.

Electronic Gadgets

If money doesn’t matter, then splurging a little of your man’s favorite electronic gadget should not be painful. Get his favorite play station or IPad or Ipod or the latest cell phone in the market that will make him look swanky and hot. This is one gift that will be well used and well taken care of. This gift will make you his favorite person for many years to come, till the time there isn’t another one on the block!

Trendy Accessories

Accessorizing your man could be fun and pain, but if you know that he likes a specific accessory then spending some money will make your gift a good value for money deal. Buy him a pair of sunglasses, or a pair of leather gloves for riding his bike. He could be thankful to you. If the man loves trendy laptop bags or a nice wrist watch, then buying something similar could be valuable as well. Just make sure they go with his taste. Even men can be finicky and you don’t want to run around for further exchanges.

Sports Tickets

Has your man, say your father or boyfriend, been discussing about that forthcoming cricket or the football match for a long time. Choose Valentine’s Day to end the never ending discussion on sports. If you are wondering how, then the magic is called sports ticket. Gift your man the ticket to his favorite sports match and see his eyes pop out. This will not only make his day, but you too will be relieved of the incessant chatter on sports.

A Travel Hand Bag or a Travel Envelope

If your man is constantly on the move and practically lives his life out of the suitcase, then gifting him a travel pouch or a travel envelope will be handy. Choose a travel pouch or envelope that has separate pockets for credit cards, passport, legal papers, medical and travel insurance and traveler’s cheques or cash. This will keep him sorted, while giving him an organized feel about his trip as well.

All the above mentioned gifts are not just useful, but are way beyond useful. These gifts would mean a life to your man, so there’s no point in thinking. Just go ahead and buy whatever you believe would fit into your man’s life.

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