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Eight Affordable Valentine Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is all about love and expressing love! And love need not be material or expensive! If you are eyeing that expensive gemstone as a gift for your girlfriend, then think again! Girls do like jewelry, but not necessarily the expensive ones all the time. As long as you have the taste, even junk jewelry can suffice.

The point is not to dent your pockets in an effort to impress your gal! If you really have it, she will be yours anyhow, but if you don’t, then no matter what, she will walk out of the relationship. So this Valentine’s Day, play a little game. Find out if she’s the one. If she is, she will love you and your gifts, and if not, then better luck next time.

Till that time, try and use these gifts as presents for your Valentine. These gifts are not just meaningful, but they are also a good way of showing your love without affecting your bank balance.

Affordable Valentine Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Hit the Couch

Well, this need not be the wrong way, but yes, it means to watch TV. Get her favorite movies, grab a bag of popcorn and hit the couch with your girlfriend. Sometimes, more than material gifts, it’s the quality time that she craves for, so make up for it. This Valentine’s Day clean up your place, arrange the décor, set the table for some cool snacks and enjoy some quality time with your girl. Maybe in this due course, you will discover each other, get to know each other’s interests and fall in love, all the more.

Write a Poem

If you think you write well and have a few write ups or stories or poems to your credit, then bring it on! This Valentine’s day, show your girlfriend your true feelings for her. Get a fancy notepad and write what your feel. It could be a couplet or a few lines of poem in her praise. Just read it in front of her, with some amount of feel and see her get bowled over. There’s nothing called true love, but there are numerous gestures, which do make it feel as if it exists. So if your girlfriend loves all this creative side of you, then trying out this impressive gesture may not be that bad. Who knows, maybe even you will hear something in your honor too.

Bake Something

Valentine’s Day calls for some sweet celebration, but it need not be an expensive or jazzy cake. If you have the baking skills or know someone, who can bake well at home, then bake a nice cake for your girlfriend. Ice it well with cream and decorate it with some fresh cut fruits or some chocolate chips or wafer thin shavings and cherries. The Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake is a unique gift.

Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake

This is not just cheap, but also an attractive way of impressing a girl. More than the cake, it will be your effort, which will captivate her heart, so try it out and make her fall in love with you, again!

Plan a Dinner at Home

Culinary skills are not every man’s forte, but if you have them, then try them out. The best thing would be do plan a dinner spread at home and make it look like a romantic candle light dinner. Cook her favorite dishes and decorate the room with some fresh flowers and clean linen. The freshness of the room, the din lights of the candles and the aroma of the flowers will make her enjoy the mood. Plus, if she has you food, cooked and served straight out of your loving hands, then she might just not stop bragging about you all night. Try it and you will feel the difference!

A box of Chocolates and Teddy Bear

Girls love chocolates and soft toys. If you girl loves them too, then buying a combo will make a difference. Try and check out the Chocholik’s range of chocolates and teddies to choose from. You can opt for Ravishing chocolate box with tweety,  or Mushy love cake chocolate rocks,  or even a 18 pc Exclusive Chocolate gift box.

Ravishing chocolate box with tweety

All these hampers have lovely assortment of chocolates, coupled with a cute looking soft toy to go with it. Any one of these combo is bound to be appreciated by your girlfriend.

Make a CD

If your Valentine is the romantic type, then try gifting her a CD mix, which is full of her favorite romantic songs of all times. It would be better if you could grab hold of a blank CD and compile a mix of songs, category wise, choosing her favorite tracks. Play this when you meet her and see her hum to her favorite tracks. Trust me, she will enjoy and have a lovely time with you.

Take a Day Off

Sometimes, all a girl needs is some tender loving care. This Valentine’s Day shower some TLC on her by taking a day of and pampering her. You need not spice up things, but simply re-ignite that teenage adventure in you and indulge in some activities that will bring back some good time and some happy memories. Play some games together, cook together or simply do nothing and gaze at the sky, while holding hands. Call in off from day and enjoy each other’s company.

However, if being indoors sounds too boring for Valentine’s Day, then try taking time for shopping, or catching up for a nice movie, or simply take a walk around the park and watch the birds. What really matters is the relaxing time, and your girlfriend will appreciate you for giving her the relaxing time.

Recreate your First Date

This should be tried, only when you know it wasn’t big blow to your bank balance. If it is, then finding suitable, cheaper substitutes will be good. Anyway, recreating the event, especially when the sparks flew, would be a good way to celebrate. Try going to the same restaurant, watch the same movie, maybe at home and also try wearing the same dress. This will not just flood back some happy memories, but will also transport to the times when you fell in love. This could also be a good way to try it, when you know the moment was in some other decade.

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