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Eco Friendly Gifts For Men

We reap what we sow. For years now, the world has been sowing dirt and pollution into the atmosphere. The present generation is the unfortunate reapers of the enormous bmounts of pollution. It is very important to give back to the society. To neutralize the negative effects, it is important to start sowing the positive.

Gifts often result in unnecessarily wasteful expenditure. An easy way to correct this would be to gift eco friendly gifts that benefit both the receiver and the environment thus killing two birds with one stone. Here are a few suggestions that could be taken into account.

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Men

Eco Friendly Golf Balls

Eco friendly golf balls are those that completely dissolve in water. They help keep the environment pollution free and reduce risk of injury from a mishandled golf ball. Not only are they safe, but also equally good as the original golf balls. While golfing, the receiver could munch on chocolates gifted by you. That is why include a box of yummy chocolates.

The Colourful Combo of Dry Fruits

The box could include mocha flavored chocolates, mint filled chocolates, orange flavored chocolates, strawberry chocolates, raspberry chocolates, cranberry chocolates, almond filled chocolates, lemon flavored chocolates, praline chocolates, cashew filled chocolates, butterscotch flavored chocolates, hazelnut chocolates and ginger chocolates.

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies like solar cookers and chopping boards made out of reused wood is a great way to give back the environment. They have more than mere decorative value and can be used effectively and efficiently. Kitchen supplies make great gifts for those men who like to cook and know their way around in the kitchen. A gift like a chopping board however could be used by any man as it is the most basic kitchen element. Along with it, gift a chocolate boxes.

Wonderful Treat for Chocoholics

The box could have magical flavors like raspberry, almonds, and mint, orange and French biscuit. The white chocolate coating shall add to the beauty of the gift.

Potted Plants

We continuously take from the environment. One way to give back to the environment is through avoiding wasteful expenditure. Instead of buy a home décor made of synthetic materials, one could gift potted plants. These make great decoration items and go one step further by providing an aromatic value. One could pick out plants which are sturdy and have a high flowering rate. Combine it with a box of rock chocolates.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks

The box could have a wonderful variety of chocolates like nut chocolates, hazelnut flavored chocolates, ginger flavored chocolates, and cinnamon filled chocolates and chocolates interspaced with pistachios.

Cloth Bags

The world is realizing the dangerous side of plastic, a component which takes numerous years to disintegrate. Most retail stores have stopped storing plastic bags.

Belgian Choco Chip Cookies

Under such circumstances, a cloth bag is a wonderful and very useful gift. The back could have a printed message or an artistic design on it. This is such a gift that shall always be appreciated. You could fill the bag with boxes of Cookies. The box of chocolates would be a great addition to the gift. 

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