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Different Variety of Dark Chocolates

Chocolate is a much used component in desserts and beverages. They also make great gifts for any occasion. There are various kinds of chocolates, the basic being dark, white and milk. Each of these categories is further divided into sub categories. Dark chocolates are basically used as cooking chocolates and have very little milk content and is one of the hot favorites among the population.

The amount of sugar and cocoa might be added in any proportion but the main differentiating factor is the very little presence to almost absence of milk. Here are a few dark chocolate varieties that you can help yourself with.

Types Of Dark Chocolates

Extra Dark Chocolates

This type of dark chocolates has very high cocoa content. They are often very bitter and used mainly as cooking chocolates. This type of chocolate has quite a few health benefits- they are good for the heart, the brain, controlling blood sugar and so on. They also contain a lot of antioxidant and are very high in vitamins and minerals. While gifting dark chocolate, you could consider a box of 25 Pc. Divine Chocolate Box. This box has an excellent collection of dark chocolate that shall be a perfect treat for chocolate lovers who tire of sweet chocolate easily.

25 Pc. Divine Chocolate Box

Couverture Chocolate

This type of chocolate is very high in cocoa butter and is used mostly for garnishes or dipping purposes. The high cocoa butter content gives the chocolate a firm quality which can be broken with a very audible snap when tempered and molded. A perfect example of dark chocolate is the Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley.

coated almond and chocolate medley

This box has an irresistible collection of chocolate that is absolutely perfect for any occasion. Moreover, these chocolates can be eaten straight out of the box or used as additions to other delectable deserts.

Semi Sweet Chocolate

As the name suggests, this type of dark chocolate has low sugar content. They have up to 35% cocoa solids in it. Semi sweet chocolate can be used for cooking purposes as well as gifting purposes. When it comes to semi sweet chocolates an absolute must is the Authentic Assortment of Heavenly Chocolates. These bite sized chocolates make perfect gifts or edible treats.

Authentic Assortment of Heavenly Chocolates

Authentic in nature, these chocolates have a heavenly taste about them that can elevate any person to a state of complete bliss. Dark chocolate lovers should not miss out on a box this great.

Bitter Sweet Chocolate

There is a thin line of difference between a semi sweet dark chocolate and a bitter sweet dark chocolate. While the former has around 35% cocoa solids, the latter has around 50%. Bitter sweet chocolates are enjoyed by many and are thus used for eating purposes. A perfect representation of bitter sweet chocolates is the Divine Classic Chocolate box.

Divine Classic Chocolate box

This box has cashew chocolates, almond chocolates, caramel chocolates, raisin chocolates and butterscotch chocolates. The varieties of flavors are all coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate and end up being a perfect treat.

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