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Different Types Of Rocks For Mother’s Day

If you are looking for rocks aka precious stones, you’ve come to the right and wrong place. You will find rocks, precious ones at that, at but not the gemstone kind. The rocks featured here are ones that appeal to your visual sense and your taste buds. The prizes for correct guesses are discounted gift boxes of luxury chocolate rocks for Mother’s day. Gift your mother some high quality Belgian chocolates. Here are some rock collections based on mom types to make it easy to choose.

Four Types of Rocks for Mother’s Day

The Designer Mom

Does your mother like everything designer; be it clothes, accessories or home decor? It can be difficult to find something that pleases her. Not impossible though, when you have the luxurious Chocolate Almonds and Assorted Rocks handy.

Chocolate Almonds and Assorted Rocks

These assorted rocks come in two bejeweled designer boxes. You can choose from the light or dark colored box. You have the option of getting it gift wrapped by paying extra. Looking for another gift box of rocks? Try the Ultimate Designer Chocolate Collection. This collection has rocks made with white, dark and milk chocolate containing fruity flavors.

The Homemaker Mom

Unlike the moms in soap operas and commercials, most homemakers aren’t always dressed to impress. They are more into managing the home, children, helpers, the hubby and in-laws. Some juggle housework with a home based business while others handle family finances and budgets.

It’s time to indulge this woman whose work often goes unrecognized. Gift her the crunchy Indulgent Chocolate Rocks with Mother Day Card. These rocks come individually wrapped in paper and in two  flavors – nutty and fruity. The Special Chocolate Collection is another good gift choice that contains different flavored rocks and mediants.

Indulgent Chocolate Rocks with Mother Day Card

The Supermom

This mom is a super woman. She has turned multitasking into a fine art as she manages a full-time job and a clean and well maintained home. She is supportive of her husband’s career, involved in her children’s lives and fulfills her social obligations with elan.

The supermom deserves a quality gift by way of appreciation, something on the lines of the Scintillating assortment of Rock Chocolates with Mother Day Card or the Rocking Nutty Collection. These delectable, nutty rocks are made from the finest dark and milk chocolates and can be enjoyed by your mom and you.

Rocking Nutty Collection

The Health Conscious Mom

Do you regularly have balanced meals with an occasional whetting of the appetite with junk food? If you haven’t turned into a junk food addict unlike some of your friends, the credit goes to your mother. Most mothers introduce their children to healthy and nutritious food but a health conscious mom practices what she preaches.

Dark Almond Rocks Gift Box

Such moms would definitely appreciate a gift of dark  and sugar free chocolates. Choose the Dark Sugar Free Almond and Peanut Rocks or the sugar free Dark Almond Rocks Gift Box. Don’t forget to add a gift card. Now that you have warmed up to the idea of gifting your mom some rocks – the chocolate kind, what are you waiting for? Order one of these rock collections, answer a simple question and get a 5% discount.

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