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Different Types Of Easter Chocolates

Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of his own and brutally crucified. However, he could not be eliminated and did in fact come back to life. Easter is a day which marks the resurrection of Christ.

It is a holiday celebrated primarily by Christians and occurs on a Sunday in March or April. This occasion symbolizes hope and belief in the power of God. The traditional gifts given on this day are Easter eggs and cards. Easter eggs can be bought or made at home. Some different types of Easter chocolates are listed below.

Types Of Easter Chocolates

A Traditional Easter Egg

A traditional Easter egg is made by hollowing out an egg and filling it with chocolate. The egg is then painted in a variety of colors. This activity itself is a very enjoyable one and looked forward to, especially by kids. Different patterns and designs can be painted on the egg with bright and lively colors. Various types of chocolates may be used to fill the egg like white chocolate, dark chocolate or truffle chocolate. Easter is a time when delectable chocolates are gifted. Along with the Easter eggs you could add an Amazing Chocolate Box. Flavors like almond, mocha, cashew and ginger shall definitely amaze and delight the receiver.

Amazing Chocolate Box

A Chocolate Egg

Instead of using real eggs, artificial eggs may be used. An artificial egg is chocolate in the shape of an egg. The egg shape may be got from a plastic mould. Not using a real egg would make it easier to decorate the Easter egg as there would be no fear of breakage. A basket of chocolate eggs are generally compiled and given as gifts. In the basket, you could include an Occasional flavor chocolate box. This box shall suit an occasion like Easter perfectly mostly because of its variety or flavors.

Occasional flavor chocolate box

Gummy Bunnies

Bunnies symbolize Easter. A gummy bunny is a rubbery shaped candy that designed to resemble a bunny. Gummy treats come in a variety of colors. They look cute and taste great. This candy treat is a favorite with children who can devour an entire packet in one go. Along with a bag of colorful gummy bunnies, you could include a 16 pc Chocolate Bonanza Gift Box.

16 pc. Chocolate Bonanza Gift Box

This box has sixteen ravishing chocolates which come in an assortment of flavors like orange, passion fruit, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, mint and pistachio. These flavors shall not only be a great accompaniment but also a magnificent treat.

Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate bunnies can be designed with the help of a chocolate mould. White chocolate can be used to make the body which can then be decorated with chocolate accessories like edible glitter and chocolate whiskers.

18 Pc. Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box

They would look absolutely charming when executed properly. Along with a box of cute chocolate bunnies, you could include an 18 Pc Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box. The eighteen truffle chocolates with flavors like rum, coconut, Indian spice and mocha would make for an excellent but necessary addition to an already great gift.

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