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Cute Ideas For First Birthday Gifts

First birthdays are always special. Although, the child does not remember much, but the parents and the gift givers do remember the finer points and details of the child’s first year celebrations. Usually the celebrations around the completion of a child’s first year, is often celebrated with a lot of pomp and show.

While the decorations, food arrangements etc. are taken well care of, there are a few things that still cannot be much planned. They are the gifts for the child. Since ages, people have stuck to conventional gift items like baby products, clothes etc. If you want to stand different from the rest of the invitees, at least, in terms of gifts, then try these options of gifts, which are cute and break the monotony.

Cute Ideas For First Birthday Gifts

Chocolates Are Cool For Celebrating The Parents

A one year old child will hardly be able to tell the difference between good and bad presents, but parents can. So a child’s first birthday should ideally be celebrated as the first year of parenting! Gift a box of chocolates to celebrate their day. Gift premium chocolates like sophisticated chocolate collection or finest chocolates gift pack  from chocholik to commemorate their day.

Sophisticated Chocolate Collection gift box

A Personalized Story Book

Though the child is still a little far away from reading, but in a few years, he or she will be struggling with some, for sure. This is the time, to suggest his making. Gift a personalized book, showcasing cartoon characters like a Tweety or Winnie the poo, in a story telling form. It would be cute to make this book on a rubberized material, so that the child, during his teething years, cannot damage it. Gift a cute Tweety pie to go along with it.

Tweety Pie

A Cute Lamp For The Mother’s Night

Having a child is a tedious task, and so it’s essential for the mother to work while keeping a tab on her child. It would be nice to gift a cute lamp for her night’s rest.

This would allow her to sleep, while keeping an eye on her child, in the cot. Make sure it’s cute and the lamp shade creates a kind of low light, without disturbing the sleep. Gift a cute teddy along with it. Buy a pink love teddy to go with the cute gift.

Pink Love Teddy

Baby Keepsake Necklace

Gifting a child something expensive is often indulged by the parents or the grandparents, so try gifting this keepsake necklace for the child, with his name engraved in it. This will be a cute memorabilia to go with it. If while gifting, the package appears a little small, you can club it with a Real feather rose.

Real feather rose

Good Luck Charms Are Always Special

It’s a good way of showering blessings and goodwill gestures through gifts, which are good luck charms or are tell tale signs of good luck and prosperity. Buy a Fengshui laughing Buddha from Chocholik. This laughing Buddha is the symbol of good fortune and prosperity, which will definitely make the parents rejoice in glee.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha

Giving gifts to a year old child need not be always useful for the child. Whether the gift comes of use to the parents or the child, in the coming years, will equally serve the purpose of a good gift.

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