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Cute Farm First Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating the first birthday of your child with an outdoor farm birthday theme is simply perfect. The décor of a farm will definitely be appealing to kids because they love animals.

An indoor farm birthday party is also possible. If outdoor party is a hassle, then the same decorations can be used for an indoor party.

Cute Farm First Birthday Party Ideas

Party Planning

Finding supplies and decorations for a farm birthday party is not a very difficult task. Even if one cannot find them, it is possible to come up with different and unique ideas on your own. Select the location of the party according to the weather and the season.

An outdoor theme usually works best for a farm birthday party so if you have a backyard or garden then make use of it. Your angel will have a blast and so will the guests. It is also possible to hold a farm themed birthday indoors. The ambiance and decor for this party can be planned accordingly.

Party Invitations

Cute invitation cards are a must for a farm birthday party. Individuals can make the invitation cards on their own if they have a creative and experimental nature. Use colorful sheets of paper and stick pictures of animals such as cows, monkeys etc. on them.

Cutouts of various animals can be made and painted in the color of your choice. Make the ideal farm birthday party invitation by cutting a black and white cow. Come up with catchy lines to give the invites a personal touch. Send out Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates with the invitations too.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Party Foods

The menu can include almost anything for a farm birthday celebration. Freshly barbecued hamburgers or corn on the cob are some good options. You can give it a different touch by opting for a cake, which is farm-themed and has pictures of animals and birds on it.

Animal cut frostings are available ready-made that can be used or farm animals cupcakes can be bought, which are very cute. Food should be easy to chew as the guests are just a year old. Hence, healthy shakes, mini steaks and cheesy balls are good options. Attractive Chocolate Collection can be used or get chocolates in animal shapes.

Attractive Chocolate Collection

Party Games

Endless games can be used for farm first birthday party ideas. You have plenty of choices in this versatile them. For instance, guessing the sound of the animals. The children can be asked to guess the sound by playing it on CD. Dress up as farm animals and ask the children to name the animal.

The little kids can also be asked to dress as animals because it’s a Farm birthday and give the best animal a gift.Pinning the tail of the donkey or counting chicks are some other different first birthday party ideas for games. Winners here can get some dark chocolates boxes.

Exquisite Chocolate 12 Pc Collection

Party Decorations

A farm birthday party can be quickly planned with farm party supplies. A host of decorations for a farm party can be found such as the expendable and cute pinata. There are farm-themed plates and glasses as well. Draw and pain different farm animals on a cardboard.

Cut them out and place them around the party area. In case of an indoors party, get some plants and place a green felt or carpet. Make enclosures for animals by using picket fences. Add to your farm birthday decorations by getting a stuffed cow, chick or even guinea pigs and place them around.

Party Favors

Say goodbye to the little guests with thank-you notes of farm birthday or Crisp Cookie Soft Cake Miracle boxes. Animals from the farm are made on these notes, which can be placed in favor bags.

Crispy Cookie Soft Cake Miracle

Animal stickers, lollipops, jellies, soft toys and small key rings are some other items that can be included. Get regular paper bags and paste stickers of farm animals on them to make your own farm-themed party favor bags for first birthday party ideas.

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