Privacy Policy

You can totally have faith in us! 

We totally respect your right to privacy and are equally obliged to behold your privacy that it is protected with us. We aim to do what we possibly can to safeguard your identity or any other personal information on this website, that you add on the enrollment of any of the courses or the masterclass.

This Privacy Policy is put into your use of what to expect when we collect your personal information and what are the rights that imply regarding the collection of your personal information. 

Whenever you use the website, you hereby have to agree to our privacy policies and content to its terms.

Information We Will Collect

We at Chocholik will probably not collect any of your personal information expecting that it is in your acknowledgment when you sign up for any of our courses or the masterclasses. Keeping your personal information safe with us is our topmost priority.

If you anyhow aspire to contact us promptly, we may collect additional information about you – principally your name, email address, phone number, the content of the email or attachments you may have sent us, and any other affixed information you may choose to provide us while contacting us.

Ways We Use The Collected Information

  • Send you informational emails as per the requirements for future purposes. 

Your Rights

You have the following rights as a user:

  1. You can  unsubscribe from an impending email communication if you want to by just clicking on the unsubscribe button handed in the emails.
  2. You can even  recede the consent that you have given us for aggregating your personal info.
  3. We are also giving you the right to complain to a data protection authority about our aggregation and use of your personal information. 

Sharing Information with Third Party


In order to meliorate  the responsiveness of our website, we may use “cookies”, or other electronic tools to compile information to accredit each user an outlandish, random number as User ID to extrapolate the interests of every user using the recognized computer. Until you cordially identify yourself, we will have no right of knowing your identity or even assign a cookie to your device. The information a cookie can contain is the information that you provide us at the time of enrollment.

Updating this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is regularly examined and may be updated to ensure that we continue to serve your privacy concerns.

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Copyright 2022 © All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2022 © All Rights Reserved.