Join The Cream Cakes Online Advanced Course

Elevate Your Cream Cake Making Skills & Become a Pro Baker!

We’ll Let You Explore Much More!

Time to upgrade your cream cake making skills and become a PRO at it! Our trained chefs are here to guide through step-by-step process of making delicious cream cakes.

Elevate Your Cream Cake Making Skills & Become a Pro Baker!

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Join The Cream Cakes Online Advanced Course

Learn From The Experts!

Time to upgrade your cream cake making skills and become a PRO at it! Our trained chefs are here to guide through step-by-step process of making delicious cream cakes.

Elevate Your Cream Cake Making Skills & Become a Pro Baker!

Hurry! A few spots are left! Book your slot quickly!


We’ll Let You Explore Much More!

Learn From The Best Baking Mentors

Our trained baking mentors are highly experienced in making masterpieces when it comes confections. They have worked with some of the best bakery brands and hotels across country. Our highly skilled chefs focus on demonstrating each cream making recipe step by step and in detailed videos so that our students can’t miss anything right from beginning to the ending.


How to Make Ravishing Red Velvet Cake? (Eggless)

There is nothing better than baking a ravishing and delicious Red Velvet Cake for your loved ones! Learn this art from our trained chefs who will teach you the right techniques of baking red velvet cake and how to decorate them.

How to Make Tiramisu Cake? (Eggless)

Make Tiramisu Cake the easy way now! In this module, you will learn the right baking and decorating skills to prepare a professional Tiramisu cake! This module is perfect for those who just love the flavor of Tiramisu cake. Learn from our most experienced and trained chefs.

How to Make Fresh Fruit Cake? (Eggless)

Who doesn’t love freshly baked super delicious fresh fruit cake? Now learn from the experts – how to make super easy yet creative fresh fruit cakes using the right techniques. Making delicious fresh fruit cakes is now super fun!

How to Make Blueberry Cheese Cake? (Eggless)

Blueberries are the star flavor in any cheesecake! And if you just love baking cheesecakes, why not start with baking Blueberry Cheese Cake using amazing baking skills that you will learn from our trained and highly experienced chefs.

How to Make New York Cheese Cake? (With Egg)

New York Cheesecake is quite different from other cheesecakes because of its heavy and dense texture that feels so smooth & rich. The flavor of this Cheesecake requires unique baking skills that you can now learn the easiest way from our baking mentors.

How to Make Mud Cake? (Eggless)

Our Advanced Cream Cake Baking Course is so incomplete without this module. You will learn everything from piping techniques, working with cream making tactics and how to make a perfect mud cake for your close ones or your customers. Learn from the best-in-the-industry chefs!

How to Make Praline Cake? (Eggless)

Learn how to make light yet tender Praline Cake that will not only taste good but look amazing. Creating a Praline cake with the most creative baking skills is easy now with our trained chefs. You will get the step-by-step demonstration of baking Praline Cake! So, don’t miss anything!

How to Make Simple Fondant Cake? (Eggless)

Enter into the world of fondant cake craft. This module will take you from a complete professional guide on how to make simple fondant cake in the most creative way. You will also learn the best fondant decorations that you can do with simple fondant cake.

How to Make 2 Tier Cake? (Eggless)

2 Tier Cakes are a significant part of any big celebrations or parties. If you wish to learn the art of baking a professional 2 Tier Cake from our trained chefs, then this module is so perfect for you! You will learn not only how to make 2 Tier Cake that looks stunning but tastes amazing!

How to Make Black Forest Cake? (Eggless)

Well, who does not love Black Forest Cakes? Now you can learn the easiest who to bake a simple yet beautiful eggless black forest cake from our highly trained chefs. Making simple Black Forest Cake is not difficult anymore!

How to Make Pineapple Cake? (Eggless)

The simple pineapple is not as easy as it looks! It takes the right baking skills! That is why our chefs are here! They will be focusing on telling step-by-step pineapple cake baking guide for beginners who want to learn how to make Pineapple cakes in the most creative way!

How to Make Chocolate Truffle Cake?(Eggless)

Learn how to make a layered, dense & moist Chocolate Truffle Cake. Just like other chocolate cakes, Chocolate Truffle Cake is topped with a divine frosting that will offer your customers or friends a magical chocolate eating experience. Learn the art of making delicious Chocolate truffle cake from our baking mentors!

We Inspire Bakers To Become Pro

We are certainly going to turn every page that’ll help you achieve excellence in making different types of professional cream cakes. The technique of adding ingredients & tricks to make it fluffy & more, you are going to learn everything here! And What’s more, you will also see in the videos how our chefs will use their creative minds to decorate these cream cakes so that you can do the same to lure more customers to your baking business! So Join this advanced course to upscale your growth as a professional baker and learn the best from the best!


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What Will Change After You Attend This Online Advanced Course?

You Will Learn How to Make Stunning Cream Cakes From Our Trained & Professional Chefs

We Will Inspire You To Upgrade Your Skill As A Professional Baker

You Can Now Make Professional Cream Cakes For Your Loved Ones & Clients

You Can Also Include Some Amazing Variety To Your Current or Upcoming Bakery Menu

Professional Certificate

You’ll get a certification from us on the successful completion of the Course & we are sure that this is going to encourage you to begin your own professional baking journey.

This certificate is addressed and personally signed by the Founder of Chocholik, Sahil Mehta.

You can avail this bonus after the completion of the Advanced Course

This certification can be an excellent add-on to your resume and an amazing motivation for you as a professional baker.

Flaunt This Certification In Front of Your Customers As A Home Baking Business Owner.

6 Months Access To Videos

You will get 6-Months Access To All Advanced Course Videos.

Once you have logged in to the member portal. You can access the entire course material.

You can watch these videos anytime and anywhere via your mobile, PC or laptop.

These videos will be accessed only for 6 months after that you will lose your access to member portal.

These videos contains Live Demonstrations of the bakery lessons that can enhance your baking skills for sure.

Get List of Online Stores

You will get a List of online stores from which you can buy all the Tools and Accessories used for baking.

This bonus is only applicable to those who will sign up now.

This bonus is included in the Advanced Course for Free.

These online stores are recommended by our trained chefs who have worked with the best bakeries and hotels across India.

These online stores can help you buy the right bakery tools and accessories that are really essential for your baking practices.

We Have Something To Flaunt About Too

We Are Proud of The Fact That Our Trained Students and Chefs That Are Currently Working In Some of The Leading Bakeries Brands Across India. They Are Working at Many 5* Hotels such as

Want To Master The Skill Of Cream Cake Baking

If Baking Is Your Passion

If You Want To Run A Bakery Business



(One Time Cost)



(One Time Cost)

Got Some Questions To Ask?

Will I Get Any Certification After Completing This Online Course?

Yes, you will get a certificate once you have successfully completed this advanced course. The Certificate is Personally Signed And Addressed by Sahil Mehta – The founder of Chocholik.

Will I have To Pay Extra For The Certification?

No, there is no extra cost for getting the certification. You will be getting this as a token of appreciation once you have successfully completed the course.

What I will Be Learning In This Course?

Our trained chefs will teach you about making different types of cream cakes. The chefs will also introduce you to several tips and tricks on how to decorate them beautifully.

What is the refund policy?

There is no refund policy that we are offering with this course.

For How Long I Can Access The Course Videos?

You can access the course videos for 6 months.

How I can Access This Advanced Course?

Once you have enrolled in this course, you will get an email from Don’t forget to check your spam folder or promotions to find this email. The email will contain your login details to the member’s only access. In our Member Portal, you can access the course videos right away!

What Type of Course Material I Will Be Getting?

Each of the cream cake advanced course videos will come in the format of separate chapters so that you can see how to make those cakes whenever you want.

Can I Watch The Videos After 1 Month?

Yes, you surely can! You can watch the course videos for 6 month after becoming the member of our member portal.


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Now For ₹2499/-

(One Time Cost)


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