Join The Advanced Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes Baking Course

Become a Pro At Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes Baking!

We’ll Let You Explore Much More!

You don't need any prior experience or baking skills to start up with this advanced course. Our trained chefs will let you know everything from scratch to advanced level!

We’ll Let You Polish Your Skills At Baking With Our Advanced Baking Course!

Hurry! A few spots are left! Book your spot quickly!


Join The Advanced Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes Baking Course

We’ll Let You Explore Much More!

You don't need any prior experience or baking skills to start up with this advanced course. Our trained chefs will let you know everything from scratch to advanced level!

We’ll Let You Polish Your Skills At Baking With Our Advanced Baking Course!

Hurry! A few spots are left! Book your spot quickly!


We’ll Let You Explore Much More!

Making The Best Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes….!!!

Brew Yourself Up With Your Cooking Whips & Spatula & We Gonna Take You On The Sweet Venture!

Your Journey Of Mastering The Brownie/Dry Cake Baking Begins Here! . Your Baking Mentor Is Going To Teach You The Bit By Bit Process Of Making Lip Smacking Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes. From The Technique Of Using Whisk To Mix The Batter Up Till The Way Of Adorning Ingredients Over The Bread, You Are Literally Going To Learn Everything From Scratch.


How to Make Eggless Brownie?

The most wonderful thing about brownies – well besides the delectable taste – is that you can experiment with them. But in order to do experimenting, you have to learn how to bake the brownies using the right techniques. We will teach you step-by-step how to bake eggless brownies quickly yet efficiently.

How to Make Amazing Apple Pie? (Eggless)

Apple Pie is surely a desert packed with amazing taste and stunning appeal. But it takes unique sets of techniques that you can learn from our professional and trained chefs. You’ll learn Apple Pie baking skills that will take your cake decorations to the next level.

How to Make Mesmerizing Marble Cake? (With Egg)

A marble cake may look fancy, but its flavor is pure old-fashioned goodness. Now learn the art of baking fancy marble cakes but the old-fashioned way from our trained chefs who are extremely skilled and experienced in baking some of the best dry cakes!

How to Make Lip-Smacking Carrot Cake? (Eggless)

Carrot cake is unique amongst desserts in that it is a hearty yet rustic kind of sweet cake. Baking this cake will surely take your skills to the next level. Moreover, you will be learning from our trained chefs who have worked with the most popular bakeries across India.

How to Make Brilliant Banoffee Pie? (Eggless)

Banoffee pie is a British dessert pie made with special sets of baking skills. Our trained chefs will help you learn these skills in the most easiest yet creative ways. With our Advanced Brownie and Dry Cake Baking Course, you will become highly skilled as a Banoffee Pie Baker!

How to Make Delicious Choco Lava Cake? (With Egg)

Choco Lava Cake is undoubtedly the most demanded desert in the bakeries or hotels. Learn the art of baking lip-smacking Choco Lava Cakes from our baking mentors that have years of experience in baking the best-in-the-market Choco Lava Cakes.

How To Make Designer Cup Cake? (Eggless)

Designer Cup Cakes are the soul of any party or big celebration. If you wish to learn the most ravishing yet mouth-watering designer cup cakes, then this module is designed for you! Our chef will teach you how to decorate these cup cakes in video lesson.

How to Make Cute Party-Ready Muffins? (Eggless)

Making fancy cupcakes and wholesome muffins is surely a trick business! But you will learn this art in the easiest way! With our perfect recipes, you will learn the skills to bake the most delicious muffins without any hassle.

How to Make Brownie? (With Egg)

Learn baking the brownies in no time! Our Chef will teach you how to bake fudgy and chocolaty brownies while demonstrating step by step in their baking video. You will know the right ingredients to be used and how to decorate them.

How to Make Charming Chocolate Pudding? (Eggless)

Enter into the world of baking the most amazing chocolate puddings that will lure the taste buds of your close ones and customers if you are a professional baker. You will learn the baking skills to make chocolate puddings without any hassle!

How to Make Dry Cake with Egg?

Learn the art of making delectable dry cake with egg from our highly experienced and creative-headed baking mentors. Get Step-by-step video guide on making dry cake and master the baking skills right away. Serve your loved ones to make them feel special and cherished.

How To Make Eggless Chocolate Dry Cake?

Get ready for the chocolaty experience in this module where you will learn how to make eggless chocolate dry cake. Our baking mentor will explain every step involved in detail and in a way that you will get the better understanding of each step. At the end, you will be ready to bake a lip-smacking chocolate eggless dry cake for your family or friends.

How to Make Italian Focaccia Bread? (Eggless)

Learn the easiest way to make perfect and traditionally baked Italian Focaccia Bread from professional baking mentors of Chocholik! Know about the basic tricks and techniques to make this Italian Bread that is just loved and known in the entire world. Upgrade your baking skills now!

How to Make Cheese Garlic Bread Loaf? (Eggless)

Learn to make an irresistibly delicious Cheese Garlic Bread Loaf that you can serve your guests as a side dish or an appetizer. You will learn from our trained chefs who are highly skilled and professional when it comes to making restaurant-style fluffy, cheesy and aromatic garlic bread loaves. Excited? Enroll now!

How to Bake Stuffed Garlic Bread? (Eggless)

Learn how to bake super delicious, fluffy, and cheesy bread that you and your loved ones can relish at each bite! Our baking experts will tell you about each essential ingredient and the entire baking process in a video tutorial that you can access! Just enroll for this course and enhance your baking skills!

How to Make Donuts (Eggless)?

Learn the science behind making beautiful donuts that are adorned with different toppings! If you want to learn the art of party-ready donuts with perfection right from our professional chefs that have worked with some of the best bakeries across India, here is your chance! This session will take you to all minor details on how to make delicious donuts easily at home with the help of essential tools and techniques.

How to Make Croissants (Eggless)?

Learn this traditional french delight to make your home parties super exciting. You can learn the easiest way to make these pastries at home from our highly skilled chefs. Making a perfect croissant can be daunting task until you learn from us! We will teach you the right way of creating perfect folds of croissants and how these folds are put together to give you an amazing pastry as the end product.

PRO Level Advanced Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes Baking Course

Come along & unturn every page about baking these lip smacking delights! This Advanced Baking Course is surely going to help you achieve excellence in Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes baking. The methodology of infusing ingredients in the batter & tricks to make it fluffy & more, you are going to learn everything here!


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What Will Change After You Attend This Online Advanced Course?

You Will Learn From Our highly skilled Chefs - How to Bake elegant yet Creative Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes

You Will Be Highly Motivated To Polish Your Skill As A Professional Baker

You Can Now Bake Party-Ready Brownies and Dry Cakes For Your Loved Ones & Customers

You Can Add Variety To Your Current or Upcoming Bakery Menu

Professional Certificate

You’ll get a certification from us on the successful completion of the Course & we are sure that this is going to encourage you to begin your own professional baking journey.

This certificate is addressed and personally signed by the Founder of Chocholik, Sahil Mehta.

You can avail this bonus after the completion of the Advanced Course

This certification can be an excellent add-on to your resume and an amazing motivation for you as a professional baker.

Flaunt This Certification In Front of Your Customers As A Home Baking Business Owner.

6 Months Access To Videos

You will get 6-Months Access To All Advanced Course Videos.

Once you have logged in to the member portal, you will get access to the course material.

You can watch these videos anytime and anywhere via your mobile, PC or laptop.

These videos will be accessed only for 6 months after that you will lose your access to member portal.

These videos contains Live Demonstrations of the bakery lessons that can enhance your baking skills for sure.

Get List of Online Stores

You will get a List of online stores from which you can buy all the Tools and Accessories used for baking.

This bonus is only applicable to those who will sign up now.

This bonus is included in the Advanced Course for Free.

These online stores are recommended by our trained chefs who have worked with the best bakeries and hotels across India.

These online stores can help you buy the right bakery tools and accessories that are really essential for your baking practices.

We Have Something To Flaunt About Too

We Are Proud of Our Trained Students and Chefs That Are Currently Working with One of The Best Bakeries Across The Country. They Are Also Working at 5* Hotels such as

Want To Master The Skill Of Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes Baking

If Baking Is Your Passion

If You Want To Run A Bakery Business



(One Time Cost)



(One Time Cost)

Got Some Questions To Ask?

Will I get Be Getting Any Certification After Attending This Advanced Course?

Yes, We are Offering Advanced Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes Baking Certification to everyone Who will successfully complete the advanced course. The Certificate Will Be Personally Signed And Addressed by Sahil Mehta – The founder of Chocholik.

Is there any additional cost for getting the certificate?

No, there are no additional charges for getting the certificate, we are giving  it to you as a souvenir of appreciation on the successful completion of the Advanced Baking Course.

What is the Chef going to cover in this Advanced Baking Course?

The Chef is going to teach you different types of Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes along with muffins & dry cakes as well. The Chef will also let you know the unusual tips & tricks of baking the same.

Is there any Refund Policy?

No, there is no refund policy for the Advanced Baking Course.

For how long are the Advanced Baking Course videos accessible?

The offers you videos in the Advanced Baking Course that are accessible to you for 6 months.

How to Access the Advanced Baking Course?

Once you have done the purchase, you will get an email/ whatsapp in 5 minutes with your login details and Member’s only Access. In the member portal, you can access the course material.

What Is The Format of The Advanced Course Material?

Each of the Breads, Dry Cakes, Brownies & Cup Cakes videos will come in the form of separate chapters so that you can see how to bake that brownie and dry cakes whenever you want.

Can I access the course videos after 1 month?

Yes, you can. All students who have enrolled for the advanced course can access the course videos for 6 months anytime and anywhere using their mobile, laptop or PC.


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