About Us

Spreading moments of delight through flavourful & delicious Stuff!

Chocholik is a brand founded with a liability of creating marvelous confections while endorsing exceptional customer service. Our products are crafted with love from the world’s best picked ingredients. Our best baking mentors create its distinct packaging and acclaimed chocolate products. 

The Chocholik trademark- We create each of our products embedding utmost creativity, love & flavors.

Chocholik is known as the industry leader in sweet delicacies for the hospitality industry. Our markets are inclusive of food service, catering, souvenir gift shops and gourmet retail. 

We are a brand constructed on the commitment of creating sweet magic with world’s best picked ingredients. With a steadfast team that works with utmost zeal, Chocholik creates products that are crafted from the authentic recipes. Passion, dedication & refined presentation, are the Chocholik colophon.

Bake It Yourself For You & Your Loved Ones

Copyright 2022 © Chocholik.com All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2022 © Chocholik.com All Rights Reserved.