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Cool Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

Fathers are not always the serious kinds. However, if you have a super serious and extremely reserved dad, then it’s time to break the ice. You can use his upcoming birthday to break the ice, that’s keeping you from sharing that informal equation with him. It can be no jolly affair, but still you can do it in a little more smart way. For his birthday, plan to gift him something that will remind him that he can smile. Let there be something funny that will help him shed all those demure inhibitions and hug you straight away. Well, if you are getting all bemused with the guess work, then just relax! Just give any of these gifts for his birthday this year and see the ice melt. These gifts are appropriate and are uniquely funny.

Birthday Gifts Ideas For Dad

Mugs With Funny Quotes

You must have heard of customized mugs, but have you heard of something, which speaks more about the way he is? If not then look out for the mugs, which have funny quotations or get them engraved. For instance, if your dad loves golf, but hardly makes it, then gift a mug that says “’I hate golf. I hate golf’. A nice shot and then ‘I love golf’” These will remind him of his funny behavior. Keep a few chocolates from 18 Pc. ultimate truffle gift box, to melt the annoyance on his face though.

18 Pc. Ultimate Truffle Gift Box

Shirt That Does Not Fit Him

It is not wastage of money, but a funny, yet gentle reminder for him to shed those unwanted kilos. If you have a father, who loves to gorge and always makes up excuses for exercise or diet, then it’s best to gift him his favorite shirt with a logo that says ‘It’s time to get into me!’. This will be funny, yet motivational. Remember to gift the tee, or shirt, along with a Real feather rose.

Real Feather Rose

An Album Of Yours

If you feel your dad has been a little ignorant about your life, then gift him an album that shows cartoon representations of you and your growth. Show him your achievements, your hits and misses, some funny incidents, which kind of were missed by him. Although funnily represented, they will convey the message you or your mom failed to, for a long time!

A First Aid Kit To Remind Him To Be Safe

This will be a funny way of telling him how careless or accident prone he is. A first aid kit will remind him to go slower, gentler and take it easy with work or life, so that he doesn’t have to use it. Paste a quote on it, which says, ‘I hope you never use me!’. Gift this with a cute I love you teddy, which will convey the message that you care.

i love you teddy

Mini Walkie Talkie To Keep A Tab Of Your Ever Missing Dad

This is a funny way of telling him that he is hardly found. This walkie talkie will enable him to use it and inform about his whereabouts, rather than his entire family going berserk with his ways of losing himself. A lost looking Tweety Pie and a navigator can also be a good reminder for such a thing.

If you are too scared about the outcome with any of these gifts, then don’t forget to add a box of chocolates. Gift Attractive chocolate collection, Authentic assortment of heavenly chocolates, Special chocolate collection or Delicious rocks gift collection from chocholik or take some other attractive pick from their huge display.


The above mentioned gifts are useful, plus funny as they cite something, which you would not have been able to point out in your other much reserved days! So try out the solution to your problems, by gifting the serious dads some of these gifts, which will put across the point in a sensible, yet funny way.

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