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Colored Wedding Dresses

Who doesn’t like a fairy tale wedding complete with a godmother who magically transforms your ordinary dress into something extraordinary?

In real life though, it takes time and effort on your part to get a wedding dress that screams “exquisite” and wows your guests. For those young ladies bored of seeing white bundles of clothing, help is at hand. Don’t heave a sad or frustrated sigh as I have assembled wedding dresses in colors. Yes – you read it right – colors. How you go about convincing your mom and groom to be is something I leave to you.

Four Colored Wedding Dresses

Bright Colors

Bold and confident women needn’t turn  coy and regular brides. You can flaunt your style by adding some color to the outfit. Choose a ball gown dress with a strapless and fitted bodice. The gown can be free flowing, form fitting or flouncy. Opt for colors in the darker shades of red and violet. These blend well with outdoor or theme based weddings. If you are not bold enough but want some color, try dresses in light pink, lavender or blush shades.The perfect chocolate gift for bold wedding wear are dark ones with unique flavors. Choose the Spice Up Your Life Assortment.This is a combination box with chocolate rocks and dry fruit cake, not to mention, praline in mocha, hazel nut and passion fruit flavors.

spice up your life assortment

Satin Lace

Wedding outfits in satin and lace aren’t restricted to white. You will find many shades ranging from soft lighter ones, shimmery medium shades to bright and striking dark colors. You can use colored lacework on the bodice or in layered outfits. Use colored lace at the back in case you are not keen on a backless dress.All this satin in your clothes should reflect in your chocolate gift. The Royal Chocolate Delight Collection with vibrant colored and different flavored chocolates is a perfect companion for the celebration.

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection

Ombre Color Shades

Fashionable brides can opt for trendy ombre style outfits. This allows you to play with colors. You can go for a long white dress with color added to the lower part of your gown. You can choose light shades of blush, pink and blue or try slighter dark shades of olive green and pink. You can add lace or taffeta of contrast colors to enhance your dress. The aim is to retain the elegant look while adding a modern touch.A classy yet mod chocolate choice would be the Any Time Exclusive Chocolate.

Any Time Exclusive Chocolate box

This collection contains mouthwatering, round pieces in attractive colors and flavors. Flavors include raspberry, orange, mint, lemon and passion fruit.

A Dash Of Color

Brides who want to keep their dress predominantly white can add a dash of color. Add a dark colored sash and bow to the outfit. You can used colored lace work or floral patterns to embellish your outfit.

Ginger Candy & White Ganache Chocolate

You can choose a dress with lace up bodice that has colored and beaded straps running from the front to back.An elegant outfit warrants an equally elegant  and delectable chocolate dessert. The Nutty Marble or the Ginger Candy & White Ganache Chocolate are  gourmet pieces made from white chocolate ganache that is combined with nuts and spices. They are enclosed in more chocolate and given a unique shape and design.

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