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Chocolate Birthday Cakes With a Twist!

We all love chocolates, don’t we? But when it comes to chocolate flavorings, there are a few, who might not like the idea of a very mushy chocolate cake!

Today’s post is all about getting chocolate cakes done for people, who like chocolates, but not to the extent of enjoying a thorough chocolaty cake! They enjoy the chocolate flavor, only when it is in minimal.

Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake

To satiate the chocolate buds of such people, let’s figure out a way of getting cakes, which have and don’t have that much chocolate in them! This might be a little experimental, but with a little creativity you can manage.

Chocolate Birthday Cakes With a Twist

Dry Fruit Cake With Chocolate Icing

This cake is good for people, who love the chewy and nutty flavor in cakes, or rich dry fruit cakes. You can choose cakes from for the basic cake and drizzle it up with a good quality chocolate icing, for décor.

You can also slice it from the middle and frost it with good quality chocolate ganache as well. For choosing the base cake, you can take a pick from either Baker’s pride dry fruit cake or Chef’s special dry fruit plum cake from

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Chocolate Frosted Cake With An Orange Twist

Have you ever thought of combining two different flavors to go with chocolate? If not, it’s time to experiment it for those, who love chocolate as much as they love expeChoose Naughty walnut orange cake rom , as the basic cake and cover it up witrimenting with it. h real thick chocolate ganache icing.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Choosing colorful sprinkles or walnuts and orange rinds for a themed orange chocolate cake! Trust me, orange and chocolate create a phenomena when together!

Plain Vanilla With Chocolate And Strawberry Butter Cream

This cake could be either done in conventional cake method or it can be done as Swiss roll as well. The latter looks great and unique for a chocolate and vanilla combo cake. Make a basic vanilla roll or a flat cake that can be rolled later, with chocolate and strawberry frosting inside. This not just tastes delicious, but looks really colorful on the cake platter! It is a must for the chocolate and vanilla lovers!

Marble Cake Is Wonderful Blend Of Vanilla And Chocolate

If you love the moistness of a cake, blending in the flavors of both, vanilla and chocolate, then think no more! Try this exquisite piece of décor, in the name of cake, which looks like a chess board and has the delightful flavors of both. People, who aren’t that fond of iced cakes, but love a hint of chocolate and vanilla, are sure to die for this sweet treat!

Red Velvet Cake With Vanilla Cheese Frosting

This is one cake that looks and tastes gorgeous! This has cocoa in it, but in subtle notes and doesn’t ruin the flavor. The very color contrast of red and white with an equally delightful contrast of flavors, which is light chocolate and vanilla cheese frosting, makes the people go weak in their knees. Try this delightful looking cake and you will have a rollicking time, entertaining all your guests, including those who don’t like that much chocolate!

These wonderful chocolate cakes with a twist are bound to make even the hard core non-chocoholics, crave for more!

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