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Cheap Birthday Party Ideas For Fun

Birthday parties need not be an expensive affair! With a little budgeting, smart planning and the right themes, you can be sorted to have a blast in your party. All you have to do is think of some good themes, which in turn could lead to good, yet cheap ideas for fun!

Birthday Party Ideas For Fun

Masquerade Theme Will Be Great For Fun

This theme will lead to a lot of fun, at a shoe string budget. Start off with a dress code and tell your guests to get as colorfully and creatively dressed as possible. For the theme, just buy some cheap colored papers and make beautifully adorned paper masks for the eyes, for that element of mystery.

You can make similar mask cut outs in some loud color combinations for the décor too! This will hardly cost something. Get the excitement doubled with some distinct flowers, which could stand for some code word. For instance make a code, ‘code red’ for a person with a real feather rose.

Real Feather Rose

Bring In Retro Theme For Yesteryears

This one’s another theme which will bring in fun at a very low budget. All you have to do is get dressed in retro style, bring in some hues of purple, gold and silver, for the décor, with some background score from the 60’s and 70’s to uplift the mood.

The theme spells a groovy music, disco, crazy clothing with lots of loud décor. Get some kaleidoscope and shimmery disco balls to create the feel. For food, stick to snack like colas, samosas, chips and cookies. For cookies, you can get Plum cake blended baked cookies box.

Plum Cake Blended Baked Cookies Box

Make It A Karaoke Bar Song Party

Such parties are only focused for the fun element. There will be no issues on dressing. Just a neat and decently dress up will be thumbs up for the bed-transformed-stage show. Just get some good rock band with the right kind of musical instruments, provided you and your gang have it or else make it a little more casual with some good CD mix of rock songs.

This music can make you do your own battle of rock bands. Get some good drinks and simple food, but remember to get some good celebratory cake. Nothing jazzy, but maybe a simpleton like Baker’s pride dry fruit cake.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

An Arty Getaway For The Artistic Sorts!

There are the creative people, who love their art, fashion and romance. For such people, themes showcasing them will be a good idea. Choose a period theme and let your art itself speak as the décor for the venue. If you love the ‘Midnight in Paris’ theme, then bring in good posters or hand drawings of the city’s landmarks.

Divine Classic Chocolate box

Hang them as décor and create some minimalistic mood by clearing the furniture clutter and bringing in shades of black and white for the melodramatic effect. Get some good French music for lifting the mood as well. Stick to French cheese, grapes and breads for the food. Crepes can be made at home, without any fuss for rounding off the very French menu. You can choose chocolates for dessert like Divine classic chocolate box or quintessential collection 25 pc box.

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