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Cakes For Newborn Baby

Welcome the new born baby to the real world with cakes that are very yummy and nicely baked. Cake is one of the best baby shower gifts to add originality to your gift. It is one of the picture perfect gifts for the baby. You can gift cake to the baby with some other exciting gifts as well.

A cake for the newborn is a nice treat to bring forth the oohs and Ahhs from the child on any occasion of the baby like the welcome baby home party, one month baby celebrations etc.. A newborn cake idea is a one of the creative ideas to get the attention of the baby. Here you will get some cake ideas for the newborn baby:

Cake Ideas For Newborn Baby


You can put the plastic infant as a cake topper to make it an adorable moment for the baby and other people. Else you can also use the marzipan, icing, fondant or other edible thing to make a yummy little baby by the sugar.

Baby flags can also be put on the cake by printing small photos of the baby on small paper and these pictures can be pasted on the cake with toothpicks and then toothpicks into the moulds to give icing to the cake. Naughty walnut orange cake is one of the delicious and freshly baked cake that has surprising bites of walnut with orange marble and both the flavor are mixed together to give you the best taste ever.

Naughty walnut orange cake


The small portrait of the baby can be put on the dry cake. It is easy to do option and the only thing that you will think is difficult is to choose the best picture of the baby that has to be put on the cake. So you can use the first baby picture or of the mother and father proudly carry the baby in the lap.

In case the baby already has a sibling then you can take a funny click with the older brother or sister and can put that picture on the cake. Baker’s pride dry fruit cake is one of the heavily textured cakes by chocoholic and this cake can be kept for a period of two months.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

So in case you have to gift the baby a cake then it is one of the best options due to its capability to retain freshness.

Different Form Cakes

You can bake a nine inch cake and then with the help of piping and frosting techniques you can give the shape of baby’s face to the cake.

This is one of the different cake ideas for the newborn and it needs a fundamental knowledge of baking. You can take help from guides available online and can make a cake in the form of a baby face, diapers or a feeder bottle.

Use of Words

What can be a unique idea for a cake other than the use of word of it? So buy a simple Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake and make a list of words like booties, bottle, blanket or dad’s little boy or girl, winter baby and paste these words on the cake wither by icing or by putting a paper with these words.

Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake

Chef’s special dry fruit cake has the coatings of dry-fruits soaked in molasses and vanilla makes the flavor tender and mellow.

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