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Birthday Presents for Mom

Birthday is that special day when you get pampered throughout. This occasion is also followed by a gift giving system. To select a birthday gift for someone as unique and exceptional as your mom can become really difficult.

Moms are really special; they do so much for us. Make this years birthday unforgettable for her. These pampering gifts are perfect way to show that you appreciate for the years she has given you. In short what a fabulous mom she is has been.

Super Mom Birthday Presents


Throughout the year day after day she is busy cooking, cleaning and managing the house. She needed a break from this routine life to recharge. Relax her day by giving her a massage coupon, she’ll love the surprise and really appreciate it. The massage helps in relaxing and releasing your stress busters, it reboots your system.

Team up your massage coupon with the Divine Classic Chocolate Box which contains fine textured and 5 rich flavoured chocolate. In the centre there are chocolate coated raisins and it is bounded by Orange Chocolate and Dark Fruit and Nut, Hazel and French Biscuit Praline and Milky Fruit and Nut Rocks. The chocolates simply taste heavenly.

Divine Classic Chocolate box

Breakfast on Bed

One of the amazing most way to show your love and care is breakfast on bed. Cook for your mom, her favourite meal and serve it on bed. From the very moment she opens her eyes she starts feeling special. She will really appreciate your effort; make sure you don’t leave the kitchen dirty.

Your mom loves her cup of tea or coffee early morning or evening get her Center Shock Cookie-Cake surprise. The wooden box; itself is beautiful and has an astonishing gift wrapped with a pretty red ribbon. The box has 3 parts, 2 of which offers freshly baked mouth-watering cookies and the third part is a yummy dry cake. This box can be stored for longer period of time, but it surely won’t last long enough.

Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise


All the stress and tension may make your mom look older than her age. Gift her nice skin-reviving facial treatment. It will make her feel lovely, amazing and very relaxing. Along with your facial voucher you can gift her box of delicious chocolates.

The 16 piece Chocolate Bonanza Gift Box is an amazing gift for chocolate lovers. The chocolates are made of high quality ingredients and mouth-watering flavours. Rich essences of strawberry, pista praline, raspberry, orange, lemon and minty diamond in the chocolate simply make them tempting. The box is filled with dazzling colour chocolate with a glaze in each and every piece.

16 pc. Chocolate Bonanza Gift Box

Personalized Touch

Mother from their children’s childhood has always liked their children self-made cards and gift. It makes them feel really special and wanted. So what better time to fill in some good emotions and memories! Make your mom’s birthday really special and unique with a customized gift which will express your heartfelt emotion.

Sugar Free Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar Gift Pack

Your mother is health conscious but still loves chocolates. Gift her box of Sugar Free Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar gift Pack, now eat chocolates without worry of gaining weight. Even though the chocolates are made of sugar free, there is no difference in its taste. The chocolates are delicious and in every bit you get a nutty experience.

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