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Best Wedding Themes Ideas

Wedding is one of the most memorable days in the life of a couple. This is the day when you officially promise each other the vows of togetherness. It is the day when you give your heart and soul to the love of your life.

Weddings are supposed to be extremely special not only for closed ones like family and friends but also the best day for couples. To ensure that the gala event goes smoothly and in a way that people remember for a lifetime, a proper planning is very important. One of the key features is to choose the decorations and themes for the wedding. This guide below does exactly that for you to make things convenient and hassle free:-

Attractive Ideas for Wedding Decorations

Urban Wedding

One of the modern and chic themes for a wedding is the urban style. A skyscraper rooftop in an urbane-city setting is a perfect place to tie the knot in this form of theme. This will also provide you with a breath taking and panoramic view of the city. An urban loft can be reserved for the reception.

This is something that you friends will remember for years to come. The cuisine and the decoration should perfectly match the setting, so shall the fashion that the couple follows. Team up the wedding gifts and presents with a box of Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment for your guests.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

The trendy package will suit the theme perfectly with its divine flavors like mocha praline, hazel and French biscuit praline, passion fruit and orange. The finish with a red ribbon is highly urbane.

The Beach Ceremony

Those who are looking for a little casual and laid back way of getting wedded should consider the theme of a beach ceremony. It is for the ‘cool’ kind of couples and suits just perfect as a romantic way of tying the knot. To make is a casual affair, you can ideally arrange for beach dressing for the guests as well as for the couple.

Do not forget to give Assortment of Exotic Chocolates is perfect for all the more exotic beach wedding themes. The flavors like mocha praline, orange praline, passion fruit and hazel praline is perfect for the occasion.our guests a feast of exclusive chocolates to make it all the more memorable for you.

Assortment of Exotic Chocolates

The Traditional Theme

For those who believe in the classy, sophisticated traditional theme, should opt for a church wedding with all the formalities and proper wedding procedure. It is something that has always been an evergreen way to exchange the rings and the vows.

Do not forget to gift your guests with a token of gratitude in a classic way by giving them Ethnic Chocolate Gift Pack. The milky French, cashew dark, assorted nut chocolate and dark and milk chocolate rocks are just what you want to present on this memorable day. This is one pack that leaves a lasting impression.

Ethnic Chocolate Gift pack

Fairy Tale Theme

This is one theme that most of the women dream of having as theirs. If you are someone, who always wanted that Cinderella happy ending for yourself, then consider this wedding idea. Royal is the word that defines the theme. Full skirted wedding gowns, ceiling high cake, chocolate fountain and top-tier plated dinners are some of the words that define the fairy tale wedding theme.

Finest Chocolates Gift Pack

Make sure, you include a box of Finest Chocolates Gift Pack for each of your guests. It is a unique blend of different flavors in the same pack which includes dark Indian spice, peanut brittle truffle, rum truffle, coconut truffle, rich cocoa, almond truffle, pista truffle, orange truffle, mocha truffle, five spice truffle, nutty truffle and caramel toffee.

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