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Best Ways Of Sending Chocolates For Different Occasions

There’s nothing more sumptuous and delicious than chocolates when it comes to celebrations. Be it any occasion, sending chocolates is one of the best ways to celebrate. You can send chocolates as a celebration of something or congratulate someone by sending them, but no matter what, chocolates never fail to make a sweet note. But there are ways of sending chocolates, which are considered occasion appropriate, here are a few ways that you can try t00-

For Your Sweetheart

Be it Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or his or her birthday, chocolates are the best way to start off the day with a sweet note. You can check out online options of sending chocolates like the Valentines Treasure Chocolates. These come in heart shaped patterns and designs to make the day more special.

Valentines Treasure Chocolates

The box is very attractive too and is wrapped just to suit the occasion. You can also check out some other similar box styles and patterns. Pick chocolate types that they like dark with rum or raisins or plain milky white.

For Corporate Occassions

There are times when you send out sweets to your clients and associates. Again sending chocolates makes a lot of sense because they don’t spoil fast. Unlike most Indian sweets, chocolates last for days and even weeks if stored properly. Corporate gift hampers can be found both online or at regular stores. However, these hampers should have simple and sophisticated designs as it is not for a personal purpose. It is also recommended to pick assortments here as you are not aware of the palette of the receiver.

For Personal Celebrations

So you have become a father, mother, grandparent or something similar and you want the world to know. Well this Melting Moments Raisin Surprise says it all.

Melting Moments Raisin Surprise

You can send out invitation cards with these boxes to invite guests over for a party or celebration, or you can simply let them know the occasion you are celebrating. Again, if you are congratulating someone or sending out warm wishes, chocolate boxes or baskets work equally well. You can leave a thank you card or congratulating note in them.

What Form Of Chocolate Package Should You Send?

Well depending on the occasion you can choose from different kinds of chocolate packaging styles. Some of the most popular ones are-

Chocolate Boxes

These are simple, affordable and definitely most sensible. You can order them online or through a confectionery. The price usually includes the box, but in some cases, the box may be charged individually. You can pick from plain or stylish boxes.

Chocolate Hampers

For those who want to stick to a strict budget, it makes sense to pick hampers rather than boxes. These hampers usually include paper or plastic packaging. The chocolates may be wrapped in colorful foil. These are more appropriate for low weight or quantity orders.

Chocolate Baskets

These baskets are usually more expensive and along with chocolates they may include flowers, cards, soft toys, etc. These are more apt for lavish celebrations or for your sweetheart or special ones.

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